5 Helpful Tips When Choosing Wedding Dresses For Winter

For any bride getting married during the winter, one of her concerns may be finding wedding dresses that seem appropriate for the season. Many brides often have trouble finding a dress that doesn’t look like it belongs in a spring or summer wedding. Here are some winter inspirations to consider when choosing a gown:

Accent Sheer Fabric With Lace Embroidery

When you are thinking about your winter wedding, look at some wedding dresses that have sheer fabric at the top with lacy embroidery accents. Lace, while sometimes perceived as old-fashioned, is quickly making a comeback with today’s brides. Winter white lace is a very beautiful and classical tribute to a wedding held in the wintertime. Sheer long sleeves and necklines can be gorgeously accented or appliqued with the lace and some rhinestones for extra shimmer.

Add Faux Fur Accents

Another beautiful way to bring the winter into your wedding gown is to incorporate some faux fur accents. Adding a white faux fur bolero is a perfect way to add some winter luxury while keeping you nice and warm at the same time.

Try Classic Long Sleeves

Long sleeved wedding dresses have come quite a long way with brides. Once considered out of fashion, sleeves on these gowns are seen more and more on today’s fashion runways. Long sleeved gowns are very vogue and upscale, and are very appropriate for any winter wedding. If you are concerned about a long sleeved dress being too matronly, you can simply have some younger elements added. You could consider a lower neckline or cutouts on the back of the bodice to add some youthful flair to your gown.

Choose a Deeper Shade of White

During the winter, take some inspiration from the things that pertain to the season when choosing wedding dresses. While you may think that winter equals bright white snow, you may want to consider some other elements. One element that may come to mind is candlelight. If you have thought about incorporating soft candlelight into your ceremony, you could choose a gown inspired by that soft glow. Instead of choosing a bright white gown, think about going with a dress in antique white or ivory. These shades can add that bit of romanticism that is often associated with a wedding during the winter.

Don’t Forget to Incorporate the Wedding Party

In addition to your winter-inspired gown, you may also want to consider a soft, darker color palette for your bridesmaids as well. Some really nice colors for a winter wedding include navy, light grey, or silver. If you want more color, think about choosing bridesmaids gowns in jewel tones, such as garnet, topaz, or emerald.

Weddings are a beautiful occasion any time of year, but the wintertime is an extraordinarily gorgeous time to get married. Choosing wedding dresses based on the season is a wonderful way to add a lovely touch to your winter theme.

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