7 Ways to Avoid Falls in the Workplace

Falls in the workplace are something that every employer and employee dreads. Many falls can easily be avoided with attention to the right details. No one has to fall in a workplace. More often than not, people fall because they did not follow safety rules, or the environment around them was not safe. You can ensure your workplace is safe by following and having your employees follow a few safety and common sense rules.

Keep the walkways clear of debris and materials. If people are preoccupied or carrying items and cannot see where they are going, it is important to make sure that the walkways through the workplace are free of debris and other materials. A serious fall can occur even if one item is placed in a walking area only for a moment. Make it clear to your employers that no walkways should ever have obstructions in them.

Make sure walkways and work spaces are clearly marked. If there is not a clear path for your employees to walk, then there could be an accident if someone accidentally walks into a hazardous area. You can mark the floors with paint or tape and instruct your employees where they can and cannot walk safely. It can also help you to mark certain work areas and help employees understand where they can safely put their materials.

Apply anti-slip material to protect your employees. Some places in the workplace may be more prone to accidents than others because of a naturally slippery surface. These materials allow shoes to grip the surface of the floor and steps better without any sliding motion. You can place anti-slip material onto steps and ramps to make the employees less likely to slip and fall when they cross these areas.

Make sure your employees understand which areas are authorized for their usage. Some places, especially where heavy equipment is being used, should be off-limits to certain employees who have no business being there. Unfamiliar places may be more prone to slip and fall accidents, so make sure signs are used to allow your employees to know which areas are appropriate for them to be in.

Keep your parking lot and sidewalks free of slippery materials. If there is a lot of ice and snow in your area or even mud, make sure that your sidewalks and parking lots are free of this material as much as possible. Spray the mud away with water and shovel and use de-icing materials on the ground to make the area as safe as possible. It is important to remember that not all accidents occur inside of the workplace.

Ensure that your employees have proper access to higher spaces. Do not allow your employees to use rickety boxes or unsafe ladders to reach higher shelves and other spaces. Using unsafe methods to reach items overhead can cause a very serious accident that could leave someone hurt badly or even worse. Make sure that they know how to operate the proper equipment to safely climb to higher spaces and properly train them on how to do so. Try to move more frequently used items to the floor.

Make sure any slippery messes are quickly cleaned up properly. If any employee spills anything onto the floor, he or she should clean it up as soon as possible. They should use a placard on the floor to let everyone know that the floor may be slippery until it dries. This should also be the precautionary measure when the floor is being cleaned in general. When people are aware of the hazards, they can avoid them better.

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