8 Best Promotional Gifts to Raise Brand Awareness

People love free things, even from companies that they are not familiar with. Many companies hand out free promotional gifts and offers to help bring customers into their stores or to help the customers to become more familiar with the companies’ brands. Each time a customer uses his or her free gift, he or she will see the brand name and logo. Some of the best promotional gifts to raise brand awareness are listed right here:

Reusable shopping bags are always useful.People appreciate a company’s efforts to help reduce waste by creating reusable items. These reusable items will be used again and again, and this puts the brand out front and center more often. Reusable shopping bags are carried out of the home and into the public. It is a great way to freely advertise a brand name and to help the environment at the same time.

Any clothing item will advertise for a company over and over again.People love free clothing, whether it is hats, shirts, or an accessory. The items will be worn over and over again, and more people will be exposed to the brand name when the items are worn. A company should carry a size that fits everyone or different sizes to choose from.

Stationary and office products are always welcome gifts.Most people can always use pens, erasers, and other products typically found in the office. These gifts may also be taken into the workplace, schools, or other places outside of the home for use. The brand logo would be seen by many other people this way.

Tools are useful and serve as unique gifts.Everyone loves something that can help them out in a bad situation. Flashlights, screwdrivers, or small emergency kits that can be kept in the office or in a car are promotional items that not every company hands out to its customers. Customers will be thrilled and appreciate the thoughtfulness of the company for such a needed and useful item.

Product-related gifts will give the consumer a brand to think about the next time they need a related item.For example, if a pool chemical distributor gives out beach balls with its logo on them, customers will be inclined to think of them when they use their pools and play with the beach balls. Another example might be for a computer store to give out memory sticks or mouse pads.

Backpacks and handbags are popular items that keep the company logo on display when carried around. These items are a hit for families, students, and anyone that has something to carry around. These items may be used during travel, potentially spreading the brand logo farther than a local area.

Coupons are popular promotional items and are easy to hand out. They can be placed in customers’ shopping bags or sent through emails or in the mail. People are more inclined to shop somewhere that they can save money. These promotional items are likely to bring money back into the store when a customer returns to use it.

Household items like drinking glasses often last for many years. Household items will be used over and over again. Customers love household items because they are useful and typically something that they will need.

The items on this list all have one particular thing in common: they are all very useful. A customer will not care to have something that is not useful to them. The best promotional items will be used over and over again, or they will help the customer to save money but bring business to the company.

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