A German Faces Trial for Drugs Ordered on ‘Dream Market’

Posted by: Anonymous December 4, 2018 in Featured, News Updates 1 Comment

A German man accused of placing two illegal orders for drugs on dark web marketplaces was sentenced in court. He is said to have ordered several small packages of different illegal drugs from the dark web for personal consumption and had them delivered to his home address by mail.

The 40 year old man from Pemfling appeared at Chamer District Court to answer charges of drug dealing. By the end of last year (2017), the accused is said to have procured two consignments of drugs online off the dark web. In the first batch, he ordered two small packets of cocaine, amphetamine, and methamphetamine, some of which were intercepted by federal police. The packages had been stamped with his home address.

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In November of last year, after the investigation had been launched against the Pemflinger man, a similar delivery was made involving cocaine and methamphetamine. This led to the launching of a separate investigation to follow up on the dark web suppliers in a case which is still underway. The police obtained a search warrant for the recipient’s address, where they found amphetamine and methamphetamine patches. No drugs were seized.

The second batch of illicit drugs was ordered from an online dark web platform called ‘Dreammarket.’ Here, the defendant is said to have placed over seven different orders of narcotics over an unknown period of time, with price figures always moving in a double-digit range. The drugs were delivered at the same home address as the previous orders.

The defendant admitted to the accusations, saying that he bought the drugs for his consumption and not for sale. However, he insisted that he no longer used the drugs after he had undergone and completed drug therapy. “I have made significant improvement from the addiction after seeking technical help,” he said, “When I started therapy, I only consumed the drugs on weekends, but now I have abstained from them for over three months without any struggle.”

Opposed to the sentiments, the prosecutor doubted the abstinence saying the addiction pressure always remained at an experimental stage. “In my view, the accused cannot fully and independently do without these drugs,” said the prosecutor, “His guilt is fully expressed in the confession.” He also reminded the court that the accused had dealt hard drugs and that he had previous criminal records – factors which must be considered for his suggestion of a one-year jail sentence.

Sentencing, Judge Lecker noted that the effort demonstrated by the accused to change his behavior and to address his addiction could not be ignored. “Having undergone and completed a drug therapy, I am convinced that the defendant is on the path of recovery,” said the judge, “Also, there is no substantial evidence before me to show that the drugs procured were for sale.”

In Chamer District Court, Judge Lecker Andreas handed the defendant a ten-month custodial sentence with probation. “Custodial sentence with probation is relatively rare. Therefore, I will have to consider revoking the probation at any point you violate any of the conditions,” he concluded.

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