Additional Insured and the Truth Behind it

Don’t confuse Additional Insured with AI (Artificial Intelligent). The additional insured is a provision that will offer vindication and indemnity to the insured. In most situations, agents will encounter circumstances that entail a landlord- tenant involvement. Nowadays, it’s very common to get a tenant requesting that the landlord be included as an AI on the tenant’s liability policy. If the latter is approved, a certificate of insurance is normally given to the landlord to act as proof of coverage. When your client is the landlord it is good to take a look to what extent this coverage can support him.

However, there are a few leaks and some of the examples are that there is no coverage on automobiles that are not owned, there is no coverage for personal injury, no claims arising from building alterations, there is also no coverage when the lessee ceases to be a tenant. There are also problems with area lacking clearly defined characteristics. Examples are common washrooms, parking lots and outside walks. Take note that relationships between landlord and tenants are not the only ones that can apply for AI. Parties in constructions and alterations can also apply for AI through a Chicago Insurance Agent.

The main challenge on coverage for the Additional Insured especially in parties involved in construction is whether the AI will be valid only during when the job is going on or will it stretch after completion of the job therefore providing the product-completed operations coverage to the AI. This is usually because claims at times arise after the job has been completed. The ISO (Insurance Service Office) has made endorsement on AIs for contractors. It is always good to find a Chicago Insurance Agent to walk you through as they explain these provisions for they can get confusing at times.

The CG 20 10 states that, coverage of the AIs will be void once the job has been confirmed completed. The CG 20 33, is the same as the 20 10 leaving out coverage for the AI once the work has been completes but ongoing operations are included. Finally, the CG 20 37 must involve either the CG 20 10 or CG 20 33, the reason being, it provides products for completed operations

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