Affiliate Marketing: An Overview

The truth of the matter is that most of the people around the world have an idea about what affiliate marketing is all about but come to think of it-it doesn’t really ring a bell when you mention the term-affiliate marketing. In this article we are going to look at what affiliate marketing is about in a move to try to refresh your mind and educate you as well.

Well, the technological advancements the world has witnessed in the recent years are remarkable! The internet has come with by far more advantages than disadvantages and the business arena can give witness to this based on the great profits the internet as a platform has assisted them realize. Affiliate marketing as a business strategy has emanated a long this line and it is high time any entrepreneur who believes in taking his business entity to the next level took advantage of this business strategy.

Affiliate marketing has expanded and grown a huge deal posing great competition to the earliest forms of advertising and by that am referring to CPM and the likes. You may as a matter of fact be questioning yourself over exactly what was responsible for affiliate marketing’s tremendous growth. Relax and sit back since that is part of what I have lined up for you in this article.

Affiliate marketing as a strategy and a business one in this case is a much more accountable form of online advertising. It happens to rely majorly center on a fabricated relationship between three parties namely:

• Advertiser 
• Publisher 
• Consumer

Asking who the advertiser is? In the affiliate marketing world, the advertiser is actually the very company that sells products. The products may range from airline tickets to the wide array of car parts. Also an advertiser may be an insurance company trading in the various policies but regardless of any factors that may present themselves the bottom-line remains that it must be a profitable venture at the end of the day.

However as an advertiser there is one thing that is for sure for you to qualify to be referred to in the said manner-you must be in a position to pay some other people to help sell and promote your business enterprise. It is just that simple.

The next part under affiliate marketing and it is a sure component of the relationship triangle is the publisher. Who is a publisher? A publisher may on one hand be a company that spearheads for the sale of the product that needs to be advertised. Since the publisher invests time and effort in the process, it only serves right if he gets a commission and of course it is for the advertiser to take care of giving him what is rightfully his.

The consumer happens to be the last part or section of the relationship triangle. The consumer as expected will see the advertisement and it will be up to him to either ignore or click the link in place. With that said you have an overview of what affiliate marketing entails though you can go online and make more searches fir more information.

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