An Energy Audit and the Money You Can Save

Do you ever wonder if there is anyway that you could possibly be saving money on your monthly energy bill? It is not something that we think about very often. Electricity and heating bills are probably something that the general public does not give a whole lot of thought towards, other than paying them on time. However, if there was a way to conserve power and keep your monthly bill at a reasonable price, wouldn’t that be something worth looking in to? An energy audit is one of the best ways a person can go about lowering their monthly energy bill.

A home energy audit can help a person locate exactly where they are losing heat or cool air throughout their home, and can provide them with options that can help create a more efficient home. A person can certainly go about assessing their own home for power inefficiencies that can help them prioritize which ones to go about fixing. The first problem to look for is air leaks, especially around baseboards, doors and windows, and where flooring meets the walls. Cracks in foundations and mortar outside could be causing leaks as well. Sealing up these leaks could reduce your monthly cost by up to thirty percent. Checking on the insulation in your house is the next big step in an energy audit. A lot of heat loss can occur if the house’s walls are not properly insulated. Inspecting the heating and cooling equipment annually is a must for keeping an efficient home. Checking and replacing the filters in your equipment every one to two months is necessary to keep the equipment functioning at its highest levels. Light bulbs and electronics are the last thing you want to check when doing your own home assessment. Making sure you are choosing more power efficient light bulbs, and just making sure all lights are turned off before you leave the house is a great start to saving. Unplugging appliances and electronics when they are not being used is another great trick to keeping monthly costs low.

Once you have completed your own home energy audit, calling in a professional to do an even more thorough inspection is the next best step. Having this pre-audit done before the professional comes in can help the auditor better inspect and analyze the home and give the homeowner better ideas and solutions to creating an efficient space. Finding an energy audit company that you can trust and feel comfortable using is the most important step to getting started. The Residential Energy Services Network is the best way to find auditors near your location. Once you have found a company you trust you can proceed with the audit. The home audit inspector will walk through the house with the owner, review power and heating bills and will conduct either a thermographic scan or a blower door test. The homeowner should be present for the audit so he or she can ask questions and give as much information about their residence as needed.

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