An Overview of Parcel Post

Individuals and businesses alike rely on courier services to deliver their money, packages, documents or important data. These services offer faster delivery than other methods of transporting documents. That is why; this is preferred by most companies. Couriers have been in existence since ancient times, and way back then, rulers used them as a way to proclaim the new laws across their lands. Today, courier services continues to play a vital role in international trade and commerce, even when new technologies that emerge – like the Internet and fax machines – are more useful in other areas.

Parcel Post

Consumers who want to save on shipping costs go for a parcel post, which they consider as the most cost-efficient way of shipping goods. The rate is computed based on the parcel’s weight and point of destination. This is commonly used when the speed of delivery is not a top priority. Printed materials are often charged with low shipping rates. Postal service agencies of different countries usually offer this kind of shipping service.

This kind of service was first launched in 1882 by Great Britain’s postal service. During that time, it consisted of shipping packages to domestic, commonwealth addresses, as well as international destinations. After three years, the agreement that established global parcel post service was improved, adding 19 countries more.

The United States was included in the first international shipping agreement. However, it was only in 1913, when it set up the domestic services in this group. In 1917, the plan was further enhanced when the transportation system included a water pathway to allow ships and boats to transport packages. A year after, a convoy of trucks intended for this type of delivery remained as part of the US system in the Eastern side. In 1948, the air parcel post was initiated in the US.

Domestic parcel post services improved the US economy for businesses across the country, allowing them to ship their products directly to mail order clients. Items like medicines and foods that used to be sold at regular stores could now be delivered to their homes. This is the period when mail order houses prospered.

In 1919, the service stretched out to rural areas, significantly improving the businesses of farmers, since they could ship their produce to consumers and retailers at a minimal cost. Through this method, they could also ship turkeys and chickens. At present, the shipment of small animals through parcel post is still allowed, as long as they do not need water and food each day.

Though private shipping companies offer similar services, they cost significantly higher. Besides, most of them do not allow the 70-pound maximum freight weight given by parcel post. Moreover, they have more restrictions when it comes to contents of packages.

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