Basic Information About Logistics and Logistic Services

In the last few years, logistics experts have substantially increased the number of their clients as a result of a growing economy and due to the fact that they are able to offer a brand new perspective on the logistics process of the companies they work with. The specialists from New Oxford American Dictionary define logistics as “the detailed coordination of a complex operation involving many people, facilities, or supplies”. In simple terms, this means logistics handle planning, implementing and controlling processes in a strong relation with the goods and services flow. Through the logistics process, resources are managed as two different categories: concrete items (or physical items, such as equipment and materials) and abstract items (such as ideas and information).

What are the real tasks of any logistics expert? They are generally called logistics managers and their real assignment consists of warehouse maintenance, analyzing operational costs and risks, procurement activity, personnel supervising, organizing the storage, supervising the distribution and the list goes on. They must have IT knowledge and also, must be capable to create and adopt a marketing strategy in order to generate profits and positive evolution in a company. Logistics experts are known to hold impressive communication skills, which allow them to negotiate with suppliers, to gain new contracts and to improve company’s performances. Since customer’s requirements can be difficult to please, logistics managers have to do many brainstorming sessions until the best idea is conceived and the client is satisfied (leads to a positive feedback).

Logistics works with the 4 P’s of the marketing mix (products, price, promotion and place), which makes it a very important field in any business areas. Departments like distribution, assets control or procurement are only small parts of the entire act of logistics. If you have a company based on a commercial activity, you may not know exactly details about each process which has influences over your financial results. That is why, in this situation, the recommended thing to do is hiring a logistics company to cover all the important areas in which you do not have experience or trusted contacts. The work will be done easily in order to help you take the best marketing and management decisions.

How can you find the best logistics company? All you have to do is a simple internet search, using keywords like “International Logistics Company”. Pay some attention on each company’s credentials and make sure each one has a pertinent and valuable experience. For example, if one of the search results is a brand new company with only one year of activity in this area, you can not trust the reliability of its suppliers or if the goods and services are provided in a top quality way. On the other hand, if you will find a company with important clients and with over ten years of positive feedbacks, you can set a business meeting with the manager right away. It is important to find a company to collaborate with over the years, maintaining a long-term relationship.

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