Benefits of Installing an Industrial Sprinkler System

Large buildings that are focused on manufacture or Industry tend to have more specific requirements to fill when it comes to fire safety. The National Fire Prevention Association outlines this as well but any owner who has invested millions of dollars into the acquisition of plant and machinery should also instinctively be interested in acquiring the most effective means of protecting that investment. Among other protective measures such as installing security systems and hiring security personnel, the inclusion of a fire sprinkler system can go a long way to ensuring that a building’s occupants and contents are not negatively impacted by accidental fires.

Industrial fire sprinklers are automatic, this means they are able to respond to a fire without human interference so that no member of the company is required to put him or herself into direct contact with the blaze to keep others safe. It also means that the entire building can be evacuated in the event of a fire immediately. In an industrial setting regular drills should still be conducted to ensure that all occupants know the positions of all emergency exits and the points where they would be expected to assemble in the case of fire or other emergencies.

Many industries use materials that should not come into contact with large amounts or any water. The sprinkler system is one of the most effective means of outing a fire in that it is faster and less water consumptive than a firehose. By being installed into the building you will not have to wait on the fire department to respond to your distress call for the sprinkler system to spring to action. In addition, the sprinkler heads are only activated by intense heat and this activation is done individually. This means that even if you have sprinkler heads installed all throughout a very large complex, a fire that is isolated to one room will only trigger the sprinklers close enough to extinguish it. This will happen while the fire is still in its infancy as well so the fire can be stopped with the least possible amount of water. This also means that water damage to the machinery and other sensitive materials will be much less than if the fire had been dealt with using a tradition firehose. It will also be significantly less than if the fire had destroyed the building or been allowed to continue until the fire department arrived.

Depending on various factors, you may decide not to install water based sprinklers at all. The option exists to use dry or foam sprinklers as well. These are similarly effective and as the concept of a sprinkler has been in existence for more than 150 years the technology has evolved significantly from its earliest incarnations. Sprinklers are quite dependable and have been a key reason for many potential victims of fire remaining alive with very little damage to themselves, their loved ones or their property.

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