Business 101 a La Harvey Specter From Suits

If you have watched even a single episode of Suits, the TV show that revolves around the fictional law firm Pearson Specter, you know that Harvey Specter is more than just a good looking man in a great suit. In addition to being just an entertaining show, the dynamic character of Harvey played by Gabriel Macht emotes a series of leadership qualities that business professionals today can take some serious notes from.

Here are a few tips for success professionals must adopt inspired by none other Specter himself –

Win your Battles Even Before the Fight Begins

Harvey’s character enjoys winning his cases outside the court because going to court can prove expensive for the client. Just like various other areas in business, if you are able to find a solution that allows you to win your battle without having to go into war, don’t think twice.

Take Risks

Not taking any chances is a sure shot route to a dull, boring and dead-end career.

Win Big and Never Lose Small

Instead of focusing your approach on minimizing your losses, focus on the bigger wins. This is more of a playing defensive versus offensive approach where the later almost always proves to be more advantageous.

Taking Controlling and Owning your Job

In the case of Harvey Specter, he brought Mike on board with the full knowledge that if something goes wrong the onus is on him. Remember that you decide to behave in a certain manner and hence, the consequences are none other than your own responsibility.

Following Rules All the Time will get you Nowhere

If you are not comfortable breaking the rules every now and then, you are going to be a great professional disadvantage. By following the rules all the time, not only are you making way for your competition but you are essentially being in denial that they too will not break any rules.

Emotional Intelligence versus Logic

If your professional approach only involves using logic, chances are that in most cases you will come up short. While anyone can use logic to play the odds and sell a product or land a client; professionals that are able to evolve their strategies based on emotional intelligence are actually the ones that will eventually success.

How you Look is Important

The way you look has a direct influence on how people you interact with at work perceive you. Also, first impressions can make or break a professional relationship. The way you present yourself to a new client or potential employer has a lot to do with the outcome of the meeting.

Client Success Equates your Success

It is simple. Your goal should go beyond making your client happy. Your goal must be to make sure they succeed.

The Ability to Read People is a Critical Skill

Harvey Specter is a seasoned poker player. Maybe that is how he was able to get so good at reading other people. This is a critical skill to develop since people around you are constantly giving our signals. The ability to catch them is a great way to use them for your business’ advantage. Learn how to predict other people’s behavior before they actually do something.

Stay Calm

Even in the toughest situations, your ability to keep composed and calm can allow your peers, clients and other stakeholders to have confidence and trust in you.

Also, find ways to inculcate interests and hobbies outside of work; at no point consider lying as a way to protect someone and most importantly, study, learn and understand your competition. With the right approach to your profession you will soon find yourself on the way to the top!

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