Business Owner Vs Operator! How to Own Your Business


You have done it! The dream business you have always wanted to have is now a reality! You are growing, you are making money and your practice is full! BUT, and yes there is a but; you are stressed, frustrated and you probably do not know the reason why.

So let me help out here: you see us women think that or have been led to think that we are super humans/ We work, we cook, clean, do the laundry, the kids homework, school runs, we are wives, daughters, sisters, friends and on top of that, we want to be our own Bosses! Fair enough, I love being in business and an entrepreneur!

Now let me ask you something: when you were dreaming about having your own wonderful business, was this the picture you had in mind?

Did you not leave your 9 to 5 job so you could have more freedom, more time with your kids and spouse and family, more me time for self care and travel?

Now that you have and are in business, you are more miserable than ever and maybe wondering if this is meant to be. Well this girlfriend is because you are operating and not owning your business!!

If you are like me and most of the women out there fighting for a freedom based lifestyle, you find fulfilment in creating and designing and building relationships with your clients and social network in a way that is fulfilling to all parties involved.

Instead, you find yourself keeping up and serving the demands of your business.

Listen, growth should be celebrated not a source of stress.

You need a SMOOTH BUSINESS OPERATOR! (I bet Shade is playing at the back of your mind right now) but focus, get back here!

Yes, you need someone who is going to make sure things get DONE! Smooth operator can be: Vas, Pa, Accountant, Copywriter, nanny… anyone that would make your life easier.

I am aware that when starting your business, some of us run it as a one woman show because we cannot afford the help and support yet. So why not look for other ways to get that extra help, could you use a very talented family member who understands and totally supports your vision? How about exchanging skills with other business owners and trade skill for skill? Could your mum, dad or sister play the babysitter every now and then? Look around you, if your are fortunate enough to have family and friends who support and believe in you, ask for help: YOU CANNOT DO THIS ALONE! And honestly, you do not have to!

If you really want to enjoy your business and own it, you have to learn to duplicate yourself by recruiting, training and coaching people to do your job for you so you can free up time and really enjoy being a business owner vs a business operator. That way, you will recover your dream and priorities and be the powerful business owner you once dreamed of becoming.

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