Cesena Police Arrests a Man for Growing Marijuana and Trading Narcotics on Dark Web

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Cesena police have arrested a young man who has been growing marijuana in the basement of his mother’s house. He is also accused of running a super drug laboratory with modern machinery for producing a large quantity of high-quality narcotics sold to potential customers in the country on the dark web.

After rates of drug-related crimes in the area increased, the police hooked a drug buyer who also happened to be the suspect’s right-hand person helping with local deliveries; he led them to the house. They were thereafter able to place the premises under full surveillance whereby they noticed increased movement and suspicious behavior at night. They also noticed a hidden and dubious underground path leading into the house.

The investigations were conducted by Cesena Police and coordinated by Pm Spirito Lucia, and they lasted for more than four weeks. They included several failed attempts to conduct undercover investigation on the premises. However, the investigating team later seized a consignment of ultra-powerful marijuana shipped from California to the suspect’s residential home. The shipment is said to have been ordered and procured online via dark web marketplaces seven days prior to being shipped and sent via mail to the suspect’s home address.

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After the seizure, the police were convinced that the young suspect and his mother had a case to answer for on drug trafficking. They raided their home after obtaining a search warrant from a local criminal court and were surprised at what they discovered. The young man had converted the basement of his parent’s house into a fully equipped drug laboratory, a cultivation farm, a manufacturing station, and a processing and packaging center.

The first thing that appeared after breaking through the locked entrance to the basement was a high-tech greenhouse (the so-called hydroponic technique) in which the suspects had grown marijuana for sale. The latest equipment used in the production of high quality and quantity narcotics in the drug industry were recovered in the basement as well as other drug paraphernalia.

According to the investigating detectives, the mother of the suspect had nothing to do with the illegal drug business and was equally surprised. What shocked her most was the discovery of the secret underground path which had been used as an entrance and exit to the basement. The suspect had used this secret path to conduct his illegal drug business. Apart from the marijuana greenhouse plants, 4 kilos of processed and packed marijuana with a sticker written ‘ready for sale’ and 100 grams of hashish, as well as 18 thousand euros in cash were seized in the basement.

The 24-year-old suspect is said to have been dedicated to the illegal drug business which he had benefited from significantly due to his use of the dark web. Through the dark web, the suspect was able to procure more drugs at times when he was unable to produce as much as the demand required.

He has been booked for court and faces multiple counts of charges for drug trafficking and conducting an illegal and substandard drug laboratory as well as for possession of controlled substances with the intention to supply.

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