Choosing the Appropriate Dispatch Furniture for Your Application

A dispatcher’s performance is closely tied to the dispatch furniture, equipment and comfort level in the work environment. All of these factors go to employee’s job satisfaction and longevity on the job.

The better dispatch consoles are functional and comfortable allowing the dispatcher to work long hours without succumbing to the pressures of the job. 
How custom dispatch furniture adds value to the workplace for efficient working environment

It’s no secret that pre-fabricated metal dispatch furniture limits your options. Custom-made furniture is decidedly better than pre-fabricated metal furniture in several ways. You can expect a well outfitted dispatch console to have all of the features necessary for comfort and efficiency. These features would include a power assisted lift for sit-stand operation, adjustable monitor arms, phone mount and task light on adjustable arm. The better consoles are larger and have storage for CPUs and drawer storage. These consoles are normally made to specification and installed by the manufacturer. Modern dispatch consoles make your operation perform more efficiently, reduces error rates and employee turn-over.

Here are pointers for selecting your dispatch furniture

Dispatch furniture is used in control rooms, 911 emergency services, air traffic control centers, space agencies, surveillance rooms, call centers, and security agencies. Since they are designed for intensive use, this type furniture does not look or perform like conventional office furniture. Dispatch consoles are custom made for intensive use 7 days a week 24 hours a day (7/24). The material is stronger and resists scratching and breaking apart.

There are a variety of factors to consider when selecting the best dispatch console for your application:

  • Operator comfort, efficiency and designed for performance and continuous pressure 7/24.
  • Functional, large variety of accessories, large desktop surfaces and storage cavities.
  • Integrated cable management with easy access to equipment for installation and service that avoids operator down-time.
  • Attractive appearance that is appealing to the operators and demonstrates a worthwhile investment.

These factors are just the beginning. The best dispatch furniture is made by the most reputable manufacturers in the business. Look for a product offered directly from the manufacturer to speed the selection process and to save money. There are many of products to choose from. Interview sales staff, see examples of the product if possible and select a company with many years’ experience and a portfolio of projects that reflect their experience and ability to design customized products that meet your specifications.

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