Commercial Waterproofing Can Save Your Building From Water Damage

Water is an essential part of our lives, but in the wrong circumstances it can cause a great deal of damage to a business building. Commercial waterproofing can protect your structures against this damage and save you from having to undergo inconvenient and costly repairs. Here are some signs of pervasive moisture and the hazards it can lead to if not fixed or prevented.


Depending on the situation, the penetration of moisture into the walls and other parts of a building can be slow and subtle. Pockets of saturation can build up in structural cavities, causing harm before it can even be detected except by specialized devices designed to do so. These pockets will continue to spread to the materials around them and will eventually start to give off distinctive signs.

Damage inside the walls will start to become apparent through unpleasant odors and seep through in visible patches of darkening or discoloration. Direct water damage will manifest itself more immediately, usually with mottling or peeling on exterior walls or at the point of a leak. This kind of damage tends to spread quickly if left untended and can become a detriment to the appearance and value of your real estate, leaving a negative impact on your business.


Even before cosmetic degradation turns into a structural issue, the visibility of the nuisance can give the appearance of neglect, which is especially unfortunate if displayed on a storefront or facade that relies on its curb appeal.

Some softer or more porous materials such as plaster will erode more quickly, and this can speed the process of deterioration in other parts of a structure. Paper goods, including many wall coverings and recycled pulp based insulation, are also vulnerable to mold and decay.

Seeping moisture can also cause minerals to leach from the materials of a structure, staining clean or clear surfaces like glass. Glass restoration can be particularly costly, especially in the cases of large plate glass windows and exteriors common in many types of businesses. Commercial waterproofing puts a seal in place that repels moisture and resists this type of transference.

One of the more insidious consequences of water damage that goes untreated too long is an infestation of mold. The effects may go unnoticed for a time, or they may be mistaken for allergies or a form of the common cold. However, continued exposure can cause respiratory problems and other serious health consequences. Pooling affected by chemicals in the building or prolonged stagnation can also be unsafe.

Don’t risk contaminating your business or office space. Instead, take preventative measures by consulting a professional in commercial waterproofing. The process works on a variety of exterior types, and is an investment that can save many business owners the hassle and expense of water removal and restoration.

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