Container Sales Climb As More Creative Uses Are Discovered

Cargo and tank container sales continue to rise as more and more unconventional uses are being applied to these traditional storage units. All over the country, shipping canisters are receiving a second life through many different residential and commercial uses. Besides being used for storage, which is pretty similar to their intended use, units have become living spaces, portable offices, hunting lodges, and even boathouses. In each case, they provide a much more affordable alternative to a permanent structure, and they have the additional benefit of allowing easy relocation.

Shipping containers come in many different sizes to fit just about any personal or commercial need. The most common dimensions are 20 feet long by 8 foot wide and 40 feet long by 8 feet wide. These are the sizes that were used in international shipping and loaded and unloaded off of cargo ships. Larger versions, such as 48 feet long by 8 feet wide and 53 feet long by 8 feet wide are the kinds you would most likely find being hauled by semi-trucks and trains. The size affects the price – the larger the more expensive obviously – as well as the condition. Most units had a working life of 10 to 12 years, and depending on the industry they were in, exhibit a fairly large range for how well they were maintained. Most dealers will certify whether or not they are still in wind- and watertight condition, so be sure and ask for that before you buy.

If you are looking for container sales of the best quality, ask about “one-trip” or “one-way” items. While these units are not technically new, they were loaded only once and shipped to their destination and then decommissioned. That means they were not repeatedly loaded and unloaded with cargo and did not experience many years of wear and tear being shipped around the globe. However, these units will be more expensive, and for most people’s adaptive reuse needs, an older, more beat up version works just fine.

Almost all of the shipment canisters are constructed out of steel, though they may have wood flooring. Marine plywood, the type of wood most commonly used, is extremely durable and holds up well to abuse and the elements. The walls and ceilings are comprised of 14-gauge corrugated steel panels and usually have at least one set of lockable doors on one end.

The last thing you need to know about container sales is that you do not have to purchase a cargo unit just “as is”, though you are certainly welcome to. There are number of aftermarket additions and upgrades that quality dealers can install to better suit a box to your needs. These additions include:

– Exterior/Interior Paint 
– Lock Boxes 
– Personnel Doors 
– Roll-Up Doors 
– Vents 
– Windows

Whether you want some additional storage for tools and equipment or are looking to open an affordable commercial stand, shipping and tank canisters are an affordable and adaptable solution. Contact your local dealer and ask about their container sales to learn how one could be put to use for you today.

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