Control Room Design Makes a Major Impact on Performance

Control room design does not have to be complicated when done by an experienced specialist. It stands to reason that operations around the clock should have the latest ergonomic tools so that the staff works in an efficient and safe environment for continuous periods of time.

A well-designed control room makes a positive impact on performance. 
The importance of ergonomic applications and public awareness regarding health issues in the work place, have taken front stage in recent years. Every day we see the emergence of new technologies and equipment requiring new ergonomic standards that change how people do their work especially in critical facilities that operate twenty four hours a day. These changes to standards change command center furniture design and the type, shape and size of the operator’s desktop tools. The need to monitor multiple visual sources with the ability to acquire, display and manage these sources on large video screens is critical to success. This technology has brought control room operators modern video walls that perform like a large computer allowing the operator to see more data and do more with it than in the past. These video wall systems are relatively simple to operate and make more information available faster at higher resolution than ever before.

Modern design makes the most of small spaces. The latest furniture designs and LCD video wall technology allow more people to be comfortably placed in confined spaces. Large, freestanding LCD video wall systems are only one foot deep and even less in depth when mounted on the wall. Unlike the large projectors used years ago, modern display panels are much more dependable, cost less, have higher resolution and require less maintenance.

The goal is to meet operational requirements while doing so in an efficient, cost effective and safe manner. If the work environment is safe and well-designed, employees can work comfortably doing their jobs for extended periods of time and when a crisis occurs, they are clear-headed and can react quickly to solve problems according to operational instructions.

Why seek out the best control room manufacturer/integrators in the business. 
The control room industry has yielded a large number of furniture manufacturers and video wall systems integrators in recent years. Control room design doesn’t always require a sophisticated approach. Most of the time, an experienced consultant and AutoCAD designer can provide options that meet both performance requirements and budget. Look for companies that design and manufacturer control room furniture rather than resellers who don’t specialize in design and implementation. If your control room upgrade requires space planning, furniture manufacturing and video wall systems integration, look for a company that does all three.

However, aside from Americon, there are no other companies that turnkey the entire control room; most control room console makers and video wall systems integrators partner with each other to make it seem like it’s a seamless process, but in truth, it’s not. The owner still has to deal with more than one vendor and if things go wrong then the finger pointing starts. Check the portfolio of the companies you are considering and look for many years of experience doing real projects reflected by the project photos on their web site or in other credible documentation. Don’t settle for the pretty computer renderings of control rooms that you see on some web sites. Look for the real thing. You don’t want to be a test customer for someone who just started in the business. It’s also important that the companies you choose be experienced working with architects and consultants. The companies you are considering should understand the unique relationships formed by these professionals because they have to work in concert to meet the client’s expectations. In the end, you will save time, money and be satisfied with the results.

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