Cooking With Gas Ranges and Grills

The debate over what type of stove or grill is best for cooking is not going to be settled anytime soon. Newer technology, such as induction cooktops, is likely to heat up this debate and age-old rivalry. Gas ranges and grills remain a perennial favorite according to both amateur and professional chefs alike. Cooking with gas is inexpensive, versatile and yields professional results.

Homeowners trying to choose among the different options for cooking or grilling should consider some of the advantages of using gas. Operation is less expensive because fuel is cheaper than electricity. When used indoors, turning off the flame immediately removes the heat, which results in less ambient heat to the rest of the kitchen. This feature also means that the temperature can be adjusted must faster than with electricity. It also burns cleaner than charcoal when used to fuel a grill.

If you are used to cooking with an electric or induction stove, then cooking on gas ranges require a little bit of self-adjustment. These stoves heat faster and maintain a consistent temperature better than electric models. New users need to adapt to adjusting the flame to control the heat. Additionally, some foods may cook faster than expected. Liquid cooking methods like stir-frying and boiling are faster because the heat is more evenly distributed. Baking also requires making a few adjustments. Preheating the oven to precisely the right temperature is very important when baking breads, cakes or cookies. Baking relies on the bottom-heating element, so the lower rack should not be crowded when dishes are on the upper rack. Lining the lower rack with aluminum foil can prevent the heating element from burning food on the bottom.

Serious cooks may also need to purchase new cookware. Pans that can direct heat evenly work best because gas ranges product heat quickly. Materials like cast iron, copper and aluminum are the best choices for this method. Pans are easier to handle when the handles are made with cool touch material.

Gas is also a great option for grills. Like ranges, they are less expensive to operate, heat quickly and turn out dinner faster. Cooks who choose gas over charcoal for ease of use sometimes miss the smoky flavor that charcoal provides. Fortunately, these models are incredibly versatile and a few tricks can help the cook mock the taste of charred meat cooked with charcoal or the smokiness of wood chips. Create temperature zones by setting part of the grill as high as it will go and part on low or off to create browning reactions in proteins for flavor. Smoker boxes that use wood chips can also be used to enhance the flavor of your food. Place the box inside the grill, arrange meat and veggies and shut the lid to allow the smoke to flavor your meal. Steaks can be perfectly seared by using foil or a baking sheet on the grate to build up a blast of extra heat.

Cooks have a number of decisions to make when selecting equipment for their home. Gas ranges and grills perfectly prepare a variety of dishes.

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