Covering All Bases on Self Employed Courier Jobs

The idea of working on the basis of offering self employed courier jobs might seem attractive to many people. There are, though, some issues to take into account before you set up your business.

Finding work

Having your own vehicle and being ready to work won’t do you much good if it is sitting outside your home parked up with no jobs in sight. Somehow you are going to have to find work, and that will involve you marketing your services to potential customers of one sort or another.

Until you develop some sort of momentum, you’re going to have to work hard online and through personal relationships and sales efforts to make your business visible and viable. In other words, you’ve got to sell yourself. It can, of course, be done, but it shouldn’t be underestimated just how much effort this can take in the early days.

Insurance – in all its forms

Some types of insurance are a legal requirement when you are on a public road. If you are offering self employed courier jobs to customers, you will typically need to have commercial third party liability insurance covering your vehicle as an absolute minimum.

Remember too that there may be several other forms of insurance you should be considering seriously in order to protect your interests.

• Income protection insurance to provide you with an income in the event you are sick and unable to work. This is typically short-term cover.

• Goods in transit cover. Your customers may demand that as a minimum if you are carrying their goods.

• Pension provision cover – not necessarily insurance but something that means you are providing for your old age even though you are self employed. Courier jobs can be carried out until retirement age, but you should have a pension plan organised.

• Your National Insurance contributions.

• Private health insurance. If you are inconvenienced by a medical problem but not necessarily seriously ill, it might be a serious problem if it stops you working. In such cases, if there are delays on the National Health Service it might be advisable to go privately.

• Disability cover. In the hopefully unlikely event of you becoming disabled, you may require a long-term income.

• Employers’ liability insurance. This may be a legal requirement if you are also employing someone else to help in the running of your business.

Accounting Services

Not everyone is naturally gifted with arithmetic abilities nor do some have the time to keep themselves up-to-speed on all of the various taxation and accounting formalities necessary in the modern world. If you consider yourself to be thus, you will need to find someone who is able to do your accounting for you.

Contingency plans

Remember that valued customers can be easily lost if you let them down due to mechanical problems or if you become ill and therefore unable to complete a contract you have committed to. Making sure that you have insurance that will provide an alternative vehicle in the event it is damaged in an accident or broken down, as well a nominating a friend or associate who might be able to step in to help if you have an emergency, might be sensible.

Self employed courier jobs can be lucrative and enjoyable but it’s important to set yourself up correctly at the very outset.

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