Different Types of Delivery Work Vehicles

Professional drivers who specialise in delivery work may be required to use various methods of transport. Bulky items may be transferred in box trailers, flatbeds and other spacious vehicle attachments, while particularly valuable and important items may have to be transported in armoured or refrigerated vehicles, for example. Professional delivery personnel may use any of the vehicles mentioned below.

Walk In Trucks

The majority of transport companies make use of walk in trucks. It is possible to gain entry to these vehicles via a side-door or extendible walkway, leaving enough usable space inside the trucks to place and inspect client goods. Many companies use the large space on the outside of such vehicles for their logos and relevant advertising for local promotion.

Cargo Vans

These types of delivery work vehicles are relatively small when compared with walk in trucks. However, they are deemed the most practical option by many end users. They can be used in the delivery of parcels, fragile antiques and other items that don’t take up too much space. This vehicle is probably the most standard all round one for smaller firms.

Box Trucks

Automotive manufacturers designed box trucks as an alternative to the extended cargo wagons. These cube shaped vehicles are absolutely ideal for the movement of loads and cold storage containers. They can be fitted with advanced cooling systems and interior holders for added convenience. However, delivery work specialists may have to take time to develop the skills required to handle these unique vehicles.

Jeeps or 4WDs

There are certain types of specialist delivery work that requires the use of Jeeps or other 4WD vehicles – especially as a means of navigating challenging terrain in undeveloped countries. The American postal service actually has a separate fleet of Jeeps specifically for the purpose of making deliveries in severe weather. The mail must get through no matter what the conditions, and these vehicles ensure that, except in very extreme circumstance, it does.


By now, most people will be aware of the automated drones being trialled in the United States by retail giant Amazon. While it may seem space age, the possibilities regarding transportation are seemingly endless and it’s quite possible that the types of drones in use by Amazon will be incorporated into general fleets in the not-too-distant future. While, of course, they could never take the place of personal service in some people’s minds, their speed and efficiency cannot be argued with when it comes to customer service and cost effectiveness.

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