Different Types Of Events

Indeed, there are a lot of types of events people plan or attend to. Here are some of them:

Weddings – A wedding is a union between 2 people who want to spend their lives together. It is indeed a custom to celebrate the union with a celebration among family, friends and relatives. It can be small with just 2 people plus a person to officiate the ceremony or it can be enormous which involves few hundred people or even more. Weddings are as unique as the couples who are to be married.

Large Casual Events – These events are business or casual gatherings that involve at least one hundred guests. These events are less formal as opposed to galas and usually take place in the afternoon and evening. This event can be a company picnic, or a family reunion. In some instances, children are included which can be a reason for diversifying the menu and entertainment.

Galas – Gala events usually take place at large venues and often involve a few hundred guests. The occasion for a gala might be to celebrate milestone events like birthdays, anniversaries or to raise money for specific cases. The menu will actually vary from cocktail-party fare to a multi-course-dinner. Be reminded that cocktail or formal attire is required for gala events.

Intimate Dinners – An intimate dinner can be held in a private residence or perhaps in a private room of a restaurant or hotel. The dinner can be formal or casual which involves a 3-course meal. Guest can actually range from family members to clients to colleagues. People who are hired to serve during an intimate dinner must adhere to proper serving etiquette, even in casual settings. Most of the time, private dining rooms in hotels and restaurants are being used by members of the collegiate, medical and corporate communities.

Cocktail Parties – A cocktail party usually takes place during evening hours. Also, it can work well at a wedding, business, social event, or gala. Different venues can fit such a party since the guest lists can span from few to thousand guests.

Press Conferences – These are business events to promote new products, launch marketing campaigns or perhaps to inform the shareholders and public about financial issues.

Team Building Events – These are events held in order to develop and motivate teams in companies and divisions.

Award Ceremonies – These are great events to motivate and honor key staff or perhaps to acquire and retain customers.

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