Documenting the Document Translation Process

The process of document translation can range from relatively simple academic research papers to largely complex transcripts as in the case of many court proceedings. In these scenarios, the need for a translator becomes evident when the documents involved are prepared in a language considered as foreign, usually non-English.

There are various businesses that seek the assistance of professional translators. Often, the assistance is sought in order to effectively process important documents. This is usually the case with immigrants coming into the US who happen to be born in non-English speaking countries. When this is the situation, practically all of their important papers will have been set in their native language. As such, the expertise of translation professionals will be needed if the immigration process is to be expedited.

Normally, document translation services will have to be availed of in such papers as passports and birth certificates, among other things. If the immigrant is married, the corresponding marriage certificate or license may have to be translated as well.

On the other hand, if the purpose of coming into the US is to pursue further studies, academic papers like transcript of records and diplomas will likewise undergo the needed translation process in order to meet the mandatory admissions process.

Foreign corporations doing business with the US government will also need to avail of the services of professional translators as financial reports will need to be properly evaluated on a regular basis. Prior to that, patent and trademark registration will have to be processed first, and this will also require document translation especially if the requested papers have been prepared in a foreign language.

Additionally, if the said corporation has several stakeholders who are non-English speaking, financial statements and other similar papers will have to be translated accordingly. This is particularly crucial as officers and executives need to be informed of the financial standing of the company in a language that they can easily understand.

Of particular importance are court transcripts which under US laws need to be properly translated. The reason for this is to ensure that the proceedings are accurate and were done under circumstances that were understood and accepted by the parties involved. This is particularly crucial for people who have been charged criminally but have difficulties understanding English.

The process of document translation is hardly easy as translators need to be highly proficient in two different languages, namely English and the one that they are attempting to translate. A mistake in the translation of a single word or even phrase can mean a world of difference and could lead to irreparable damage to those involved.

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