Drones – Looking to the Future in Delivery Work

As the roads become more congested on a daily basis and the price of fuel continues to skyrocket, some companies may consider looking to the skies to ease the burden of delivery work. Amazon has launched a new delivery method for consumers to consider, which they hope will both reduce the cost of shipping and expedite the process – drones. Although it still sounds like something from a science-fiction novel, the future widespread use of drones, sooner rather than later, is more fact than fiction.

A Growing Technology

Drones have actually been in use for many years and their technology has come a long way. On a basic level, these high-powered, remote-controlled planes have been typically utilised by the military and have assisted with many reconnaissance and actual operations – leading to a dramatic decrease in human loss of life and far greater intelligence. As with most high-tech gadgets these days, their use is becoming more commonplace and trickling down to the everyday consumer level. With the challenges of excess traffic and shipping costs on the rise, what better way is there to complete shipping and delivery than by taking it to the skies?

A New Shopping Experience

Amazon’s prototypes are still evolving but many are seeing the drones as the future of faster, more affordable and more efficient delivery work. The plan is to be able to offer consumers a 30-minute delivery time for certain products via drone. There are still obstacles to the long-term plan, but the fact that Amazon has recently petitioned the Federal Aviation Administration in the US for a special exemption from the laws restricting the use of drones for commercial purposes, proves their intent to have drones in the air doing widespread delivery work within the near future.

Far-Reaching Applications

UK government officials have recently commented that the skies of Britain could be filled with drones as soon as 2023. Commercial purposes and the civilian application for this kind of technology have great potential. Already surveillance and security companies have identified the use of drones as the next step towards greater personal security, as well as traffic monitoring and news footage. Amazon and Google are not alone in their hopes of revolutionising the shopping experience. Although the practicalities of the application have been questioned, even pizza delivery companies such as Domino’s have hinted at their plans for the use of drones for faster delivery service.

As our roadways become more congested and more expensive to traverse it only makes sense for companies who rely on speed and efficiency of delivery work to look for alternatives to keep their customers happy. The future of a 30-minute delivery time with minimal expensive may be sooner than we think.

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