Event Furniture Hire Considerations for Your Next Event

Event planning is usually an extremely stressful time. If you’re trying to organise something like a party or a wedding, it can be even worse. There’s numerous issues that you have to be on top of, including everything from the food your guests will be eating, to event furniture hire so that your guests will have somewhere to sit down. That’s before you even begin to think about the little details like decorations.

It can be tricky when trying to work out how much space you’ll need for your event. The golden rule is to allow floor space of around one square metre per person. This is the minimum you should allow and does only allow space for the dining area. So you will need to add space for dancing, buffet tables, a bar, a band, entrance ways and a catering area etc. If you’re looking at a much larger event, you should be looking to hire at least two square metres per guest.

When it comes to event furniture hire, you definitely want to make sure you get the right chairs. Everything for your event should be perfect, and that means the chairs should be perfect too. This means that you should be looking beyond just the function of your chairs when you’re making the decision. Here are some of the top tips to consider when you hire the chairs for your event.

1. When it comes to event furniture hire, one of the first things to consider is the type of chairs available to you. There’s a huge variety of different chairs to choose from. There are elegant options for a black tie event, chic and trendy options, or even casual and laid back chairs that you can hire.

2. Colour will depend on the theme of your event. Go with chairs that are going to go with the colours you have chosen. There’s natural wood, blues, mahogany, transparent, silver, steel and many other colours to choose from meaning that you can get the perfect chair for your event

3. Comfort is definitely one of the more important things to remember when you look for event furniture hire. If the event is set to be quite long, you’ll want to make sure you hire chairs that will be comfortable for your guests rather than going on looks alone.

4. Also, remember to consider the chair materials and types available to you. There’s a variety of materials that you can choose, from plastic to stainless steel, from wood to leather, from stools to sofas, there’s something for every event and purpose.

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