Excel in Your IT Interview With Positive Framing

Looking for a little something extra to make you stand out in a sea of IT professionals gunning for the same great jobs that you are? The information on your resume defines you. These facts and past experiences are unique to you and will make or break your chances of getting a job. Want to excel in presenting yourself in person and on paper? Try implementing positive framing.

What is positive framing? Essentially it’s taking the same information and stating it in a positive manner, rather than a negative one. Assuming you have the skills and experience necessary for the position, positive framing may be the slight difference that sets your resume ahead of the rest. For example you could say you “never missed a project deadline” or you “completed all projects on time”. The difference is subtle but replacing negative words will reinforce positivity in the hiring manager’s mind and help you snag an interview.

Don’t stop there! Positive framing is a great tool to use during your interview as well. First of all, remember to dress sharp, bring in multiple copies of your positive resume and a great smile. These well-known, time-honored interview traditions add positivity to your first impression. Smiles are contagious. Taking the time to bring multiple copies of your resume shows that you’re prepared and ready for anything. Dressing well will help you exude the confident, put-together nature that impresses hiring managers before you ever open your mouth. Positive framing isn’t just about what you say, it’s about framing your entire self in the most positive light possible to create a memorable first impression.

When it’s time to speak, keep negative words out of your vocabulary! Maybe you’re leaving a job you really hated. The manager had no idea what they were doing, the company lacked accountability, you never knew when projects needed to be completed and your coworkers couldn’t do their jobs because they weren’t skilled enough. If you say it like that, you may leave a negative taste in the hiring manager’s mouth. Why? Look at all the negative words in that description: “the manager had no idea what they were doing, the company lacked accountability, you never had enough projects and your coworkers couldn’t do their jobs because they weren’t skilled enough.” While everything in that statement may be true, there’s a better way to frame it. Instead, try focusing on what you’re looking for in a future position. You want a manager who inspires, a company you can count on, a full plate of projects to work on and a talented team to learn from. These positive aspirations and future goals will make you look ambitious and focused rather than negative and downtrodden.

While other IT candidates may tell hiring managers they weren’t making enough at their previous job, you’ll say you’re looking for growth and opportunities to accelerate your career. Instead of saying you never used Dependency Injections at work, explain that you tinkered with Dependency Injections on your own and would love the opportunity to use them in everyday projects. The pitfalls of your previous job won’t hold you back if you know how to explain your skillset and experience without negativity and with a smile.

Carefully framing your experience and skillset will benefit you tremendously in an interview. Standing out above the pack of IT professionals has never been so easy! Implement positive framing into your resume and your next few interviews and tell us how it goes! We’d love to hear from you.

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