Fear Factor

Fighting the Fear Factor because You Can 
I have been learning these past two weeks how to fight my fear by stepping way out of my comfort zone as I learn to grow my business. At the same time I have also been listening to my followers on Facebook and Twitter and one of the biggest complaints from small businesses is the ability to be heard or more to the point the lack of it. The business world is a jungle with everyone trying to compete for your attention. Buy this, Try that, Look at me and me and me. Especially now with the onset of Social Media! Let’s face it – it’s a fantastic tool to get recognition for your business and many a startup has been launched using it as their primary source of marketing.

I love Social Media and I am using it as one of my sales and marketing tools too. It’s really helping me get my company’s name out there, and I have to say I have met some interesting and fun people and made contact with businesses, that I would not have ordinarily reached by networking locally. But, to get the social wheel going was a struggle to begin with, it took patience, consistency and belief. It doesn’t help that Facebook keeps changing their algorithims. One of the things I did notice taking off in a big way in 2014 was picture message/quotes. I too started posting them on Facebook, and suddenly people started to comment, like and share them every single day. They started to engage with me like never before.

It was so great I wanted to share it with all the other small businesses like me who were struggling, so I made a free video showing everyone a basic introduction to the magic of picture messages using free software. Oh boy, oh boy, oh boy it is not as easy as it looks. I could have produced an hour long video on all the bloopers and beeps alone. Eventually I took my fear in my hands printed and uploaded my video before I could change my mind. To be absolutely honest with you I am not a 100% happy because being the perfectionist I am it has too many faults but, as a business coach one said to me ‘Perfectionism Does Not Sell’. The most important thing is – “Does it Help Small Business Owners get the recognition they deserve!”

If it does, the pain and agony of having to face the fear of looking like a total idiot, all worth while. So I dare you! Go and face your fear and do something great today.

Have a lovely day and I wish you a great weekend.

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