Find Out How You Can Evaluate A Buyer’s Offer For Your Home

The process of selling a home can be a tedious one, even for a seasoned veteran, so anytime you are going through the process, and you get an offer, proceed with caution. Regardless of if this is the first offer you have seen, or if you are seeing multiple offers come in every single week you want to give each one proper consideration. You want to do more then just look at the price they are offering as compared to your asking price. In this article we will talk about some other variables that can come into play when you are selling your home.

Is The Buyer Preapproved?

Preapproval means that the buyer has gone to a lending institution and the lender, after looking at the buyer’s finances, has determined what mortgage lending limit the lender is willing to offer the buyer in purchasing a home. In the past before the home crisis, preapproval was more or less a formality and many contracts were signed in which it was assumed that the buyer can easily afford the housing payments. The housing environment is very different in today’s time as both buyers and sellers are more cautious of their financial abilities.

Buyers that are already preapproved are more likely to be able to purchase homes than buyers who have not received such letters. Thus, when considering an offer, check to see whether the buyer has been preapproved from a creditable lending institution. The letter should state how much of a loan the lender is willing to give, so you can check to make sure that your home is within that range. Accepting an offer from a buyer that is not preapproved may result in the sale falling through.

One other option is a buyer that is willing to pay all cash for a house. This can be a very enticing thing but as the seller you have to make sure that not only is the cash all there but that it has not been gained in an illegal manner. There have been times when a seller took a check only to find out that the funds were not really there and the check bounced. Other cases have happened that the money was gained through some illegal activities and once law enforcement finds out the sale is considered invalid. This is why you want to make sure that you have someone investigate the source of the cash transaction to ensure there are no problems down the line.

Has The Buyer Sold Their Old Home?

Many of the home buyers in the market today are families that are moving from one home to another. Essentially they are both looking to buy a house and also looking to sell a house at the same time, and they are trying to make sure that both sales happen close together so they are not stuck with two mortgage payments. Because of this many offers will have a contingency in it that says that the sale will only go through once they have sold their home.

You will want to read the contingency carefully because it can affect your ability to market your home until the sale goes through. As an example it might say that the buyer has 120, or whatever number, of days to sell their home. In a case like this you are still able to market your home during those days and if you get another buyer the original buyer has 48 hours to close the sale of the home. The other way it can be written will make it so you are not able to show or market your home during the number of days that the person has in the contract. If you are not careful you can end up holding the home only to see the sale fall through in the end and you will have lost out on the time you could have been trying to find another buyer.

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