First Fentanyl Seizer in Paris: Police Seize Nearly 600g of Dark Web Fentanyl

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Police officers in Paris are investigating fentanyl from the dark web. They had been following a calculated trail of the drug for five months before they could finally seize it at a chemist’s home. The investigation was planned and executed following an alarming expression of fear by the head of the European Police Cooperation Agency.

The drug, which is a synthetic opiate, is 10,000% more powerful than the natural opiate known as morphine. It’s known to have had a devastating effect in the Atlantic area and to have killed of dozens of British citizens. Alarm about the drug spread to France; fear that it would circulate as well as the warning from British Rob Wainwright was enough reason to launch a survey.

About 600g of fentanyl believed to have been purchased off the dark web was seized in France. This seizure took place in the residential area of the 19th arrondissement of Paris. The person making the fentanyl product through a technical process and his client who deals in the drug trade will be presented before the Court of Law on Friday.

Warning information led to the kind of investigation that would finally interrupt the activities involved in processing, transacting, and delivering the drug to the dark web marketplaces. The white powder, which was discovered in this investigation process, was analyzed to confirm that it is nearly 600g of fentanyl. The seizure is of great significance since the product is at least 40 times and at most 50 times more powerful than heroin and can produce 100 doses from one gram’s portion. The police in Paris learned from the history of a similar attempt to seize the drug abroad that they must put measures in place to avoid thwarting the investigation by any means. The police officers from the Narcotics Brigade had to come into the CBRN (nuclear, biological radiological chemical) to implement the final seizure plan.

Supply Facilitated Through Dark Deb from China

34-year-old Sebastien B. could be an IT personnel, but he has a history of skills in chemistry and a great liking for drugs. He probably supplied the precursor required for the initial processing of the fentanyl drug from China on dark web, according to the preliminary investigation. This he did through the dark web in exchange for 1000 euros per ever kilogram processed. He acquired enough to be used with a easily sourced liquid, proprianyl chloride, in a mixture to form a perfect product.

The product is then purified with chloridric acid and acetone. It was discovered that at Simon-Bolivar (19th) avenue, there’s a chemist who avoids fentanyl overdose by adding lactose before it is consumed.

Investigation shows that Gabriel M., a friend of Sebastian who deals with the drug, survived a fentanyl overdose. Gabriel stocks and promotes an art gallery. He is a long time resident of the 12th arrondissement. But he was arrested on Monday when he was already set to start selling, and fetuses of unborn babies were discovered at his home. His habit is associated with satanic piety.

Gabriel was to sell the white powder to people that are well known to him at 30 euros per gram. This is a cheaper rate compared to cocaine which goes for a minimum of 60 euros and a maximum of 80 euros. Even heroine is sold at a price not lower than 50 euros and as high as 80 euros depending on quality. There is clear evidence that the drug is addictive, causes lack of productivity, and can cause death as well.

A great fear now of the concerned French is the ability of the drug to cause damage in their country and the whole of Europe. Fentanyl is known to be responsible for about 85,000 deaths in North America and hundreds of deaths in Britain and Germany. This makes them see it as a phenomenon which might cause deadly challenges.

Based on analysis by police in Brussels, who are equally fearful of the effect media coverage on the topic in the months to come may have, the police say media may portray the product as a promising great return investment to more dark web dealers. Fentanyl is also associated with the death of prominent stars like Michael Jackson.

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