Five Reasons to Buy 20 Stone Chairs for the Office

Ergonomically designed office chairs are becoming more and more prevalent in the workplace as business owners try to maximise output by ensuring the comfort and safety of their employees. 20 stone chairs are ergonomically designed office chairs which are made with the heavier worker in mind. This article will look at the reasons why you might consider buying these chairs for everyone in the office now, rather than leaving it to make individual decisions on the matter.

1. One size fits all 
The idea of a 20 stone chair is that it supports the heavier worker. But just because it is designed to support the weight of someone who is 20 stone does not mean that it cannot be used comfortably by someone who weighs 10 stone. 20 stone chairs are similar to the ordinary ergonomic office chair but with greater allowances for extra width and weight. A ten stone person can use the chair just as effectively.

2. Future ‘growth’ 
If you have plans for your office team to expand over the next few years then the one size fits all nature of these chairs means that these chairs are perfect for growing teams. If you are set to employ more people, you do not want to be in a situation where you have to worry about seating arrangements. By investing in 20 stone chairs now, you will not have to worry about needing to invest in them at a later date when someone who does weigh 20 stone is employed

3. The Ergonomic effect 
20 stone chairs are not just stronger, they are also designed to improve the sitting posture of people who are of this weight. Posture whilst sitting is one of the biggest problems in the workplace, with back pain caused by poor posture one of the biggest causes of time off work. By investing in ergonomically designed 20 stone chairs you are not only catering chairs based on weight, but also encouraging your workers to sit in a position which is safe for their backs. On top of this, workers who are more comfortable are likely to be more productive as they will not be constantly fidgeting in their seats.

4. Durability 
20 stone chairs are more durable than normal office chairs and can withstand greater forces exerted on them. This might not be a primary concern as there is only so much ‘rough and tumble’ that takes place in the workplace, but it is certainly a factor you might want to consider.

5. Buying the chairs now saves embarrassment later 
Some of your office workers might be a bit embarrassed about carrying a little excess weight. They might also be concerned about the office chair situation but be too afraid to confront you about it. Buy investing in 20 stone office chairs now you can install them without specifying that they are especially designed for the heavier worker. This can save some embarrassment on behalf of the person in question. it is a minor factor but one which can make your workers happier. Happier workers are more productive workers.

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