Flooring Options for Home and Business

Whether upgrading an existing room or furnishing a new room there are a great many parts of the room to consider. From what color to paint the walls and what materials to use when building them to what type of flooring would be the best option for the room there is a great deal to consider. These options can be especially tricky in a place of business or workplace where the safety is not only an advantage but a regulation mandated by a law or organization.

Flooring options are often mandated by such regulations and most require some sort of often non slip type of flooring. Non slip flooring has added benefits that go well beyond simply trying to follow these sorts of regulations. It can make the productivity and smooth operation of the business a reality. It can increase sales and decrease losses due to workers or customers not being injured and taking time out of the work day to tend to such injuries and the mountains of paperwork that go with them. However, finding the right option for what type of floor to use is sometimes a bit tricky and will take some leg work on the part of the business having it installed.

Perhaps one of the easiest options out there is to put non slip or anti-skid tape over existing floors. This can be especially important in areas where the floor may become wet or slippery as well as in high traffic areas. Non slip tape comes in a variety of sizes, colors, and widths and can easily be cut down to fit into any area it is needed. It can also be attached to steps or stools to keep anyone using them to keep them from losing their footing. Most types are highly adhesive and effective even in damp environments therefore they are likely to wear off due to traffic instead of peeling off from where it is stuck.

Another option for non slip flooring is anti-slip floor coating. This option is available in a few different types. One type is a brush or roll on type that will coat an existing floor with very little change or alteration to the color or look of the existing floor. It is important, however that this coating is applied to a thoroughly dry and clean surface in order for it to properly adhere to the existing floor.

Another option for anti-slip coating is a type that is laid onto a prepared floor surface. This type requires some prep work such as the surface must be dry, clean and free of debris such as flaking or chipping paint. There is sometimes a primer used on floors that are not considered able to be adhered to well, however the floor can be used almost immediately following the application of the anti-slip coating.

Some flooring options are naturally slip resistant. Any type of flooring which is even mildly abrasive, such as some types of granite and sometimes paint intended for cement floors can come with an abrasive already in it for the intent of making a floor slip resistant. These options may work well in a home basement or garage, however before relying on them for a business where workers or customers will be present it is advisable to check regulations in the area where they are being utilized.

A non slip floor is essential in the safety aspect of both homes and businesses and there are a great many options available to make a floor slip resistant. Homes will depend mostly on personal preferences, however businesses need to confirm they are following all regulations by the organizations that mandate safety aspects as well as ensuring they are doing everything in their power to protect their workers and customers.

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