Former PSC professor Accused of Threatening Judge with Dark Web Hitmen

Former PSC professor Accused of Threatening Judge with Dark Web Hitmen

A professor is accused of threatening judge with assassination. The professor who was formerly attached to the Pensacola State College (PSC) was indicted for several charges of intimidating statements towards a judge of the Pensacola court. The professor is to be charged with up to three charges concerning him being accused of threatening the judge.

The accused, by the name Robert Michael Ardis, faces double charges of criminal acts and a single accusation of a minor offense. These accusations befell him during his application case for child custody. In the document he presented in a case filing for child custody, statements considered as threats to the judge were found.

Assassin Services in the Dark Web

Professor Ardis’ document, according to the report on his hearing, gives a detailed description of a hypothetical situation of the judge being assailed by a darknet hired hitman. It elaborates how the judge could be ambushed as she left her house. The possible attack on Judge Darlene Dickey describes her being attacked from behind by a dark web hitman cutting through her throat from one end to another.

Elsewhere in the report, Ardis is said to have written about a documentary he watched on CBS. The documentary is related to the Dark Web, an encrypted segment of the internet that is only accessible via specialized browsers like the Tor Browser. This unique documentary exposes how to hire an assassin in the Dark Web. It stipulates that assassin services are offered in the dark markets, and one only needs to log in and find a selection of their choice. The assassins can be paid via cryptocurrency, especially Bitcoin. The Bitcoin is a preferred method of payment because it is hard to trace thus such a transaction will remain hidden, and the involved parties cannot be arrested.

The professor, in the report, claims that due to his law-abiding nature, he would in no way be involved in such a criminal act. He mentions that he considers himself faithful as regards matters of the law. However, he states that a less loyal person might just do all that he had described.

Looking keenly at the professor’s description and recent occurrences in the Dark Web, it is no secret that contract killers can find, hire and pay in the Dark Web. Joshua Craig Rowling’s case brings the matter to brighter light. The teenage hitman for hire was arrested in New Jersey on his way to what he thought was contract work for assassination. Little did he know, the client he was meeting was an officer who had tracked down his adverts on the darknet as an online hitman. So the young man drove himself into the hands of the police.

The accused Professor Ardis was taken into custody and allowed a bond of $90,000. He is at the Escambia County jail awaiting the hearing on his case. Adding to his already accumulating woes, the professor’s master’s degree was found to be from a suspicious online institution. Surprisingly, this was not discovered until now, even after he had been on the College’s criminal justice program earlier on.

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