Furniture – What The Things Around Us Say About Us

We are all unique individuals, and this fact is reflected in many aspects of our lives. It shows in how we dress, how we talk, how we style our hair, and so on. Our essence oozes out of almost every aspect of our lives. This is also true with the furniture we surround ourselves with. Believe it or not, how we arrange our environments can define us. And not just in style or aesthetics, but in energy and flow, in arrangement as well as appearance. The Chinese placed so much importance in environment arrangement that they developed an entire philosophical system behind it called Feng Shui, which sought to harmonize our existence with our surrounding environments. Essentially, our homes, our rooms, our offices are all extensions of ourselves. And as such, we should put as much care and maintenance into them as we do for our physical bodies.

But don’t think that our furniture and our surrounding environments are relevant for our own, personal energies. Our furniture says much about us to other people. The moment you welcome someone into your room and invite them to have a seat on your couch or chair, their mind has unconsciously formulated an opinion on what kind of person you are. It’s human nature. Are you the nostalgic type who fills their rooms with antique or retro pieces of furniture? Are you super modern in style and personality? Are you a romantic or a minimalist? As you can see, if you tried to classify what your preferred style is, you can immediately see that your answer extends beyond the realm of your living room and speaks to a deeper level about yourself as a person.

When it comes to furniture, there are really two questions to ask yourself: 
1. How does its arrangement make me feel? 
2. What does the environment say about me to other people?

If you are able to answer both of those questions with absolute certainty and confidence, then you have achieved a balance in your environment. If you are unsure, then perhaps it is time to take a look around you and decide whether or not it is in line with the energy you wish to project. When you achieve harmony, happiness follows.

Take stock of what you place around you. Why did you choose it? What is its value to you? You should never downplay the importance of what may seem as minor or convenient decisions. Any amount of thought that we put into something is highly reflective of our internal selves. And if you’re not in an environment that reflects who you are, then you are not in true harmony.

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