German Son Accused of Rewarding Mother with Dark Web Amphetamine

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A unique and unusual drug case has been presented at the Regional Court Ried. A young German man is accused of rewarding his mother with illegal drugs bought online. He is said to have ordered and purchased the drugs off the dark web and had them delivered to his mother’s house through mail services.

The Germany border and customs police intercepted several suspicious orders with a similar delivery address. The son, living elsewhere, had been placing illegal drug orders on the dark web, paying with virtual currencies, and occasionally providing his mother’s address for home delivery. This has become a common mode of operation by both drug buyers and sellers in the recent past. Criminals are using the compounded anonymity of both the dark web and cryptocurrencies such as Monaro and bitcoins to evade law enforcers who have in the past openly admitted to having trouble investigating dark web crimes.

After months of investigation, the delivery address led to a raid at the defendant’s mother’s house in Innviertel after obtaining a search warrant from the Regional Court Ried. During the home search, the defendant’s mother was arrested after the police found about 30 grams of amphetamine in her house.

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According to court documents filed by the prosecution, the son was initially accused of shipping over 3000 grams of illegal amphetamine, which he purchased on a dark web marketplace. He is also charged with another later shipment of over 500 grams of speed – allegations he has vehemently denied. The court also heard that the defendant had ordered an additional twelve illegal dark web orders, which were delivered to his mother’s home address making a total of 14 drug orders. However, of the twelve orders sent to the mother’s home, only half had arrived. The customs authorities intercepted the other half.

Of the total amount of drugs, about 120 grams of amphetamine, delivered as a kind reward from his son, the mother had consumed almost everything. Only about 30 grams were seized at her house. The son, on the other hand, had consumed a fraction of the drugs and resold the remaining after repackaging to make a profit from the orders.

After a forensic analysis of the seized samples, the police were surprised at the quality of the substance consumed; “The delivered drugs were extremely impure. The degree of purity of all the orders we tested was about 10 percent on average.” The defendant agreed to say he was aware that his product was not harmful.

In court, the mother pleaded guilty to possession of 30 grams of a controlled substance and was sentenced to six months imprisonment and three years parole supervision with mandatory outpatient drug rehabilitation.

Her son was given a one-year jail term with probation and mandatory outpatient drug treatment for three years. “In case something similar happens, be very careful as your sentence can be reconsidered either way,” the prosecutor warned the young man, “This court has been kind and lenient to you.”

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