Gifts Ideas for the Person That Has Everything

Everyone has a member of their family, or a friend, that is difficult to buy gifts for. This is not because they are picky with what they like, or particular, or anything like that. It is more because they actually have everything.

They usually have a good job and not many outgoings, so they can literally afford to buy themselves anything that they have ever wanted. They don’t have to wait and save for things. If they want something, they can just buy it.

They also don’t think of waiting and asking for something as a gift. If they want something, they will just buy it right then and there, it is almost like an impulse buy but they don’t have the worry of spending too much money, afterwards.

If you know a person like this and you are faced with having to buy them a gift, then read ahead for some gift ideas.

Gift Ideas

The trick with the gift for the person that has everything is that you have to be unique with the gift idea. You can’t just walk into a shop and buy the first thing that you see because they probably already have it. And, you can’t really buy something on the basis that you think that they will like it because if they do, then the odds are that they already have it. You have to think outside the box.


It is a good idea to think about buying them an experience, rather than something that they can keep. With an experience, you basically buy they a gift certificate for something that you think they might like to do. This could be driving an F1 car, or jumping out of an aeroplane.

The choice is yours really, but you have to pick something that you think that they will like and that they would be suitable for. For example, if they have mentioned that they don’t like water and they can’t swim, then it would be pointless to buy them a trip white water rafting.

The only problem with buying an experience is that they can be a bit expensive and you will probably have to buy a ticket for yourself as well because your friend won’t want to take part on their own. So, just make sure you budget yourself and only buy an experience that you know you can afford for both of you.

Name a star

Another brilliant idea is to buy them the naming rights to a star. They won’t own the star, obviously, because no one has the rights to sell stars. This is not even mentioning that the star is already dying by the time we can see it.

However, they will be able to officially name the star and have the star registered using that name. If you are going to do this, you could name the star after them, or you could leave the certificate blank so that they can name it themselves.

The good thing about this gift idea is that they will get a certificate that they could frame. They could put it on the wall and keep it for the rest of their lives.

If you want to spend a bit more, then some star naming companies will offer package deals where they include land on the moon. In this package, the recipient will actually own the land and they will have mineral rights on their land. Therefore, in the future, if people go mining on the moon, then anything that they find on that section of the moon will be theirs.

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