Great Things To Cook On Outdoor Grills

Outdoor grills mean fun in the sun. They are the heart of any event with family and friends, because food is what brings us together. Great food is one of the best parts of any backyard party, so here some cool options that are sure to please everyone. Some of these may seem obvious, but there are also some twists.

Meat, in all of its forms, is the main ingredient in the most popular dishes whipped up on outdoor grills. From bourbon-glazed grilled chicken to lemon-pepper steaks, these grill-cooked foods are always crowd pleasers. The key is to always cover the top three options, ribs, pork, and beef. Beef can mean anything from simple hamburgers to your famous slow cooked brisket. The most popular pork option is the pulled pork sandwich. Brine or marinade a pork shoulder and cook it all day on low heat for delicious, tender meat. When it comes to ribs, you need to make the major decision: baby back or St. Louis style? You’ll also need to decide between a wet barbeque sauce and a simple dry rub. Great cooking is ahead of you, no matter what you pick!

Now that the centerpiece is proudly sizzling, what other options are available for these outdoor grills? Fire roasted veggies can make even the most adamant carnivore take a bite. Great options include bell peppers, onions, tomatoes, and cauliflower. Make sure that you season them properly with salt, pepper, and maybe a little bit of butter. Since vegetables are a lot more susceptible to the heat, make sure to cook these items closer to mealtime. They only need a few minutes on the fire to be delicious!

Now for the twist, here are some desserts to make on the grill. Watermelon is a healthier alternative to things like ice cream or cake. Surprisingly, it’s even better when it grilled. A little time on each side caramelizes some of the sugar in the watermelon, resulting in a unique smoky, sweet flavor. Another great option is lightly grilled coconut. Just take a few large pieces of the white fruit in the coconut and gently toast it over the fire. Your guests will enjoy these tasty and healthy options to finish up their big backyard feast. Be sure to make extra, the tantalizing smell of grilled fruits may draw in a few neighbors!

It’s important to make sure that your grill has the room to cook everything you want to make; otherwise you may need to cook and remove things over the course of the day. Either way, planning ahead is essential for the best backyard get-together. So, enjoy your time with friends, family, and outdoor grills.

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