Handling Equipment Market: Recent Trends

Telescopic forklifts are gradually gaining market share, but classic diesel truck is sometimes more advantageous purchase due to its price and performance. Off-road diesel forklifts with traditional vertical-mast still continue to occupy a significant place on the market of material handling equipment, despite the sudden meteoric rise of popularity of trucks with telescopic boom.

Ordinary trucks have step aside giving way to telescope models when they first appeared on the market, but the high demand was a kind of craze for new equipment and did not last long. Situation straightened quickly enough, and classic model with a mast have partially regained its position due to its cheapness, high performance and the opportunity to fulfill the same functions, which telescopic handlers perform. Of course, you can pay 80 thousand USD for an unusual model, but why you should do it when you can buy a diesel truck with vertical mast with exactly the same characteristics and lifting heights for only 50 thousand USD? Moreover, you can pay even less if to purchase used truck or take it for rent, if it is required to fulfill one-time work. In the most of cases a large radius of reach is not required for typical load handling operations. But a forklift with a vertical mast, which is distinguished by high speed and maneuverability, is able to fulfill double amount of work at the same time if compared with telescopic handler.

This situation has affected the activity of many leasing companies, which offer handling equipment for rent. A few years ago, they offered their customers telescopic handlers, but nowadays they began to prefer loaders with vertical mast. As a result, the percentage of these machines using has increased and still continues to grow. More than half of all diesel truck with a mast presented on the market are leased or offered for rent. It is quite easy to explain this fact – diesel forklifts are used in many industries. It is clear that the more these machines are used, the faster they are paid off.

Although the popularity of telescopic handlers has given them some competitive advantage, their high cost vice versa have reduced the demand on these trucks. And despite the fact that the competition among the companies – manufacturers of telescopic models has slightly reduced the level of prices, some users of this equipment have noticed that telehandlers can not compete in productivity with conventional off-road diesel forklifts, which reliable serve for decades. Nevertheless, competition in the market has led to the fact that companies offer telescopic forklift for rent at a price slightly higher than the price on diesel trucks. Of course, it is possible to unload a truck using a telehandler. Although it is rather clumsy, slow, and requires greater driving and operating skills, but it provides a greater range of reach. However, there are places, where only diesel handlers can reach, as they are compact, can move heavier loads, and therefore will always stay competitive.

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