Have You Given Yourself a Thumbs Up Lately?

I was driving down Pacific Coast Highway at 4:30 in the afternoon just a few days before Christmas. My cell phone rang and it was the principal from my daughter’s elementary school. My first thought? “Wow, this must be pretty serious if she’s calling me during school winter break!” I answered the phone (a little nervously I might add).

The principal greeted me happily (whew!) and proceeded to tell me the reason for the call was that I had been nominated to receive a Founders Day award from the school which honors parents for their contribution to the community. Why is this important for you to know? Read on as I have a hunch that what I did next might be similar to your reaction in these situations.

I barley allowed her to finish the sentence before I blurted out, “I cannot accept the award.” Did I really say that? Yes I did. In that moment, I had fallen prey to an affliction that many women deal with – the inability to embrace and honor my own accomplishments. After all, I explained to the principal, “I’m not on any committees this year due to the growth and expansion of my business – I hardly attend any events at the school. I mean I missed Bingo Night this year and I never miss Bingo Night.: -)”

She then did something very smart. The principal took me through every single committee I served on over the last 7 years and when she was finished I realized that, in fact, I had been a beacon of light to the community. Maybe not at that moment, but over time, it did add up to a worthy contribution.

Let me ask you a question. What have you done in your life or business that deserves acknowledgment and celebration? Women tend to start their next journey before they unpack the bag from the last journey! We don’t always take time to honor and celebrate our milestones and we need to – no matter how big or small. It can be inspiring and motivating to those around us as well. The act of celebration and acknowledgement illuminates what’s possible.

I invite you to give yourself some quiet time this week to sit down and appreciate something you’ve accomplished over the last three to six months.

Maybe you’ve…

* scored a few new clients

* adopted a new healthy eating plan and are sticking with it

* hired a new assistant so you dedicate more time to a new project or idea

Whatever it is, Celebrate!

1. Keep a success journal where you can write down your “wins” often and track your progress in life and business.

2. Call a friend or loved one and go out to lunch or dinner and toast your accomplishment.

3. Hit the spa! This is one of my favorite ways to honor and celebrate my accomplishments and milestones. A massage or facial is a great way to give your mind and body a well-deserved reward for your hard work and effort.

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