Houston Texas Public Insurance Adjusters Help Property Owners Rebuild

In Houston, more homeowners and businesses are getting back on their feet thanks to tireless efforts of Houston area Public Insurance Adjusters.

In Houston and in Galveston areas, getting money for wind or flood damage has been a huge challenge to some property owners. After filing their property claim, disputes over values, contents, and structural repair costs have been dragging down progress on repairs. But, with the help of experienced public insurance adjusters, Texas property owners are seeing results.

In one property insurance claim, a homeowner was in a dispute with insurance companies over damage caused by a large tree that fell onto his house. One flood insurance representative claimed the tree damage would be paid for under a wind policy, while a wind insurance representative claimed the damage would need to be paid for by the flood. Locked in the dispute, the homeowner was caught in the middle.

End of story? Not at all. Public Insurance Adjusters came on the scene, and were able to re-negotiate the stalemate and unlock the money needed to repair the damaged home. The expertise a Public Adjuster brings to the table really makes a huge difference. From 2 to 10 times as much money can be collected through the efforts of a Public Adjuster.

Stories like that one are very common after a catastrophe. Insurance companies are protecting their interests, and are motivated to underpay or delay claims to keep them from settling. And for the homeowner, the largest issue for getting a fair settlement is lack of experience. Paperwork, technical details, and getting caught up in the emotions make dealing with a contentious insurance process almost impossible.

Unsettled and/or underpaid Hurricane Ike property claims are a specialty for the Houston and Galveston area Public Adjusters. If you are dissatisfied with your insurance settlement, unsure if it was properly paid or not, and even if you feel that it was paid fully and completely, DO NOT STOP THERE.

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