How I Befriended My Part Time Job

We want to work for ourselves. So we have left our corporate role because the grass is greener on the other side. We choose to leave places of restriction, structure and control as it diminishes our ability to create and dream. Seeing a job like being a caged tiger, trapped nowhere to go.

I often hear if you hate your day job, then just quick, and most do. Then what! Panic sets in as where will the next dollars come in.

Have you ever thought to look at your day job as maybe the vehicle to take you where you want to go? Most don’t. Most see their day job as a noose around their neck rather than a gift.

I often have told my friends who want to move toward working for themselves and go into business to keep their day job. To see it as a means to an end that will keep you and your dreams alive and well. Our day jobs are not like the caged tiger, but an asset that will help you break free from the hum drum corporate work life.

What would it be like if we could see our work like this?

Being totally transparent, and having started business 4 times before, leaving my corporate role and struggling for at least the first two years will little cash flow, I decided to work part time as a project manager as I grow my business back to the level of income I know I am worth.

For some staying in the day job can be a real frustration. Who wants to be told what to do, or constrained to a schedule? Yet the more you complain about what is going on, the more you are likely to attract more of it – energy zapping at most.

What you resist persists! The more you resist the situation you are in the harder it will be to move away from it. It is like a push/ pull effect. The move you push what you don’t want away the more you pull in the same. So what can you do? Stop resisting and choose to see what is going on differently. I.e. working in part/ time or full time to fund your dreams.

This is how I befriended my part time role

The first step – like most things – for me started with changing my mindset to heart-set. To totally understand my WHY? Not just putting an idea in place but the big WHY? What is the reason intention of taking this action?

Intention is often overlooked and just skimmed over. It is not about just the money but beneath there is a underlying definition of purpose that is driving you forward. From my own experience it was not just about the job I was working it, it was about this teamster that wanted to take me on another ride.

So I decided to change the way I view everything and took a step back.

Rather than seeing my job as wicked and spurning in every waking minute, I started to view it in a more positive light and connecting to the spirit of who I am and what it is that I really am to bring out into the world this lifetime.

My life has provided me with a lot of great things and I have felt grateful for the ability to have and do whatever I wanted when I chose. It helped me to create opportunities to have a fantastic income, travel the world, meet with great people and most of all helped guide me into the work I do.

Having a part time job helped me to have the security while I was working toward building another business. It enable me to write my first book, publish and sell it. It has enabled me to create all the back end business marketing strategies.. It also helped me to be unpretentious about what I was here to do and that to accept this role of building a so different business, it wasn’t bad for me to hold onto my job, as I have seen others have it worse by letting this go.

I have to remember, too, that while there is still a huge gap between where I want to go and where I am now, the people I admire keep reminding me that is always a journey not the destination

It’s easy to be envious when you see people rise quickly to success and fame over night. But rarely is it that simple or that glamorous. You do not see the effort behind the scenes that got them there. You don’t see the years of work that led to the delicious fruits of their hard labor.

My day job teaches me how to be patient and also have the persistence to continue. When you’re working towards creating your own freedom, rarely do you see the yields of your efforts suddenly. Building a business is more like nurturing than chasing for sales. You sow the seeds of the garden, and tend to them for weeks or months or years before you ever reap the fruits of your labor.

Building a business while working for someone else taught me a lot about having patience and the faith that I could create it all without the angst and I knew it was all going to pay off eventually.

Your day job can act as a facilitator for movement

I totally get it if you feel caged in by your job, I get this, I have moved from this many times. I know that feeling and it is not easy to wake up every day regretting having to go to work when you want to do something else.

But, in the meantime, why not accept and even appreciate where you are and what you have now? In this moment? Be grateful for the opportunities and people that show up in your life. Working in a job part time can be a friend that supports you to get to the places you want to get to.

Why would you want to stress out causing yourself more uneasiness struggling to make ends meet creating the same anguish over and over again?

Working in a job is not the best place to be sometimes when are dreams are just dreams, but why not view this as a way to help you get where you want to be rather than the noose around your neck that is keeping you wedged in? 
I’d love to hear your thoughts.

Certified EFT Intuitive Coach and Heart Centered Business Mentor for Women Holistic Inner Solo-Preneurs – Reeny Barron helps women get clear on purpose, shift their beliefs and connect to the transformation they bring with greater ease and higher congruence,

Take the time to develop a heart centered business that feels authentic, and then develop a clear plan of implementation. When you understand that the foundation of business is to share value with someone else, you come full circle with a heart-centered spiritual practice.

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