How Sofa Hire Can Make or Break Your Event

You might have thought that you’d planned for literally every occasion, but have you thought about sofa hire for your event? No? Well why ever not! It might not seem like the most obvious choice, even if you’ve looked into other areas of hire, but it’s actually a really great idea for almost any event.

Where are you most comfortable in the home? It’s likely to either be your bed, the bath, or the sofa, but unfortunately two out of those three things won’t really work in an event environment. The remaining option (the sofa, if you hadn’t guessed), is still a really good decision.

Whatever the event is, sofa hire helps put people at ease, and therefore there’s very few events when some soft furnishing wouldn’t add to the general success. Without comfortable furniture you leave people standing uncomfortably and awkwardly. The same can be said for rows of dining seating; it’s all well and good for a ceremony or for a conference, but for any sort of social interaction before or afterwards, they’re simply no good at all.

Interaction is vital

If no one is socialising your event is a failure. There’s no two ways about it. You’ll want people to stay as long as possible, to enjoy themselves, and to be happy and comfortable. Sofa hire can help with this. It builds a comfortable and cosy seating area which lends itself to intimate chats and speaking in a group. This will mean that people will naturally feel at home, without you needing to work much harder at creating the right atmosphere.

Sofa hire leads to a familiar setting which feels more comfortable and therefore will really help get people talking. There’s no point at all putting all that effort into the event itself if you’re not going to make people feel like they want to be there.

Give the room structure

A large room without any furniture is just a space. Without any people in it, it will just look like a room. With people, there is no clear direction or focal point, no obvious places you would or wouldn’t stand. It’s very easy to hire a huge space thinking that it will naturally fill itself. People will stand around talking and everything will be fine.

But rarely does it work this simply.

If you take a large group of sober strangers, they will stay in small groups and not really mingle unless you set up a room in a way that encourages it. This can be tables with seats, sofa hire, or a buffet that demands you follow a structured path. A good event planner gets everything in place and hopes for the best, a great event planner ensures everything is perfect and that it will work fully.

For the perfect event, make sure you’re fully prepared by hiring the right furniture to make sure that it creates the right mood.

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