How To Assess Your Capabilities With A Through Life Capability Management Plan

Take a specialised approach to your Through Life Capability Management by evaluating your whole organisation as one system.

Through Life Capability Management (TLCM) is the process that allows you to assess and prioritise the capability of your equipment and systems for the whole of their life from acquisition to disposal. It is a high-level integrative management function, with particular application in the context of defence.

Capability management assists organisations to better understand, and effectively integrate the total enterprise ability or capacity to achieve strategic and current operational objectives. It also develops and provides solutions that focus on the management of the interlinking functions and activities in the enterprise’s strategic and current operational contexts. The TLCM approach enables every aspect of new and existing military capability to be planned and managed coherently across all Defence Lines of Development from cradle to grave. In the military context, TLCM doesn’t just evaluate capability of one single piece of equipment, the methodology looks at the interdependencies of all aspects of your system’s capabilities, including Interoperability, and evaluates your organisation and the Support System as one Total System. Capabilities may also be analysed in terms of Force Structure and the readiness of elements within that Force Structure.

In both the military and commercial contexts, operations and related critical activities are playing an increasingly important role in leading and driving business transformation, and contemporary capability management needs to have close regard of those factors.

Organisations are made up of a mix of capabilities that are used in various combinations to achieve outcomes. Within that portfolio, a capability will be transient unless managed and maintained over time. Therefore, a typical capability lifecycle spans needs, requirements, acquisition, in-service and disposal phases.

While highly developed management disciplines are in place in many military organisations, the concepts, principles and practices of capability management can be readily adapted and used effective for awide-range of applications in the strategic and operational management of many other enterprises.

The holistic perspectives in in Through Life Capability Management ensures the most cost effective, efficient and comprehensive solutions are made available so you can meet operational demands without going over budget or compromising Capability through poor planning. This approach will help you create and deliver an effective Support Plan.

If you decide that you need to evaluate your organisational system you need a methodology which facilitates the production of comprehensive and pragmatic costed Through Life Management Plans (TLMPs) in a structured, coherent manner for you.

The approach is flexible and scalable, makes maximum use of existing information and complements an adaptable Through Life Costing (TLC) methodology in order to generate authoritative TLC predictions which enables the production of cost profiles, the generation of budgetary estimates, and supports investment appraisal.

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