How to Balance a Personal Life With Your Crazy Work Schedule

A couple of people have asked lately for advice about how to create a balance amongst work and personal obligations. There are certain ideas to solve this, though the trick is in fact implementing them. Many people learn the steps but do not take action, which is vital. Here are some thoughts about how to attain that most valuable goals: life and work balance and how to manage your crazy work schedule as per your desire so that you can be in your family, friends, clients and work colleagues as well.

It is true that extra work and more truly overtime cannot leave us till we do our job. Such things utilise your energy and exert pressure and anxiety over you with passage of time. Ultimately, this turns into depression and chronic stress. But making the commitment and taking action of these strategies will enable you to develop a balance in life to ease stress.

  • Don’t worry about your workload, it’s part of your career, it pays you back at some stage in terms of promotion and opportunity. Learn about time management and get back the hours you otherwise missed. When you prioritise and delegate, you will find that the hands of a clock move slower for you.
  • Be friendly with your colleagues, take them as family. When you build rapport with people you will find them wanting to help you. Build rapport with strangers you meet on the street, at work, or even on the bus and train heading into work. You will be surprised on how people are just like yourself – heading into work, faced with high workloads, unfair deadlines and working with colleagues who do not value their hard work. Make an effort to strike up a friendly conversation with one stranger per day. You will be amazed how friendly people are! You may even find yourself increasing your network, or perhaps, meeting someone who helps you in some shape or form.
  • Communicate information to your boss, so that in case you had to take time off work, your absence your work will not be disturbed. When you organise your workload, you will find that you will have less work when you return from your absence.
  • Work never ends; take ownership of your enjoyment with kids and family. It will make you more energetic and happy. Take responsibility for your actions. Being unhappy at work, is mentally draining and it shows when you arrive home from work. Your friends and family will notice your unhappiness and lack of energy.
  • You can compensate your work after your off-days. Don’t worry, you are capable to do this. Think positively. This will make you stress free. There is a phrase, “You attract what you think of the most”. When you have a positive mindset, you will attract positive things in your life such as more money, happy relationships and a successful career.

Creating a personal life around a hectic work schedule involves prioritising your workload, having positive thoughts and communication. When all these things are fulfilled, you will find your work and personal life balanced and ready to take on the next level.

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