How to Become a Successful Business Woman

People say it’s a harsh world that was build for men. I can say that that there is the biggest lie I have ever heard. And I am talking from my own work experience and life experience. It is a lot easier for a woman to become successful in a business that for a a man.

Mostly because there are fewer women in business than men and usually men, like it or not, are inclined to be less sharky when dealing with a woman. Most of them don’t take a woman as seriously as they would a man, which gives you an ample space to maneuver without being in the headlights. Especially as a competitor.

As a woman you’ll find it easier to make allies. Again, men tend to be protective and deferential towards a woman. If you are good looking there’s an even better chance of succeeding. I’m not talking about selling yourself. It’s just that you should use any natural advantages you may have.

Anyway, regardless of batting eyelashes and all that, you have to be good at what you do. No business is successful is the practitioner is not good at it. So before you do the walk of fame make sure you know what you’re walking about. Like I said, you have some natural advantages men don’t have, but they are useless unless you pair them with extensive knowledge on your subject. You will be more respected if you know what you’re doing besides looking good in a business suit.

Also, by being a woman you may attract a different type of attention: competition. Most of that will consist of men who will naturally think you are an easy obstacle. If you’re good enough you’ll prove them wrong the hard way. But you will face the general perspective and lack of trust that follow a woman in a world of men. Some will think you weak, soft and lacking what it takes to become a strong ally. Again, prove them wrong with what you know to be true.

Your status as a woman will only take you so far and give you a head start most men don’t have. But it will not do the job for you. You have to do the job. You have to be smart, intuitive, ruthless but also soft when here is need. Play your cards right and you will reach the top. Once you get there you’ll know how to hang on.

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