How to Grow Your Haulage Business

New haulage companies tend to focus on getting return loads (a good thing, in themselves) but often neglect the steps necessary for laying down a firm foundation for their business. It should be the other way around: establish your organisation in such a way that it is conducive to growth, so that growth follows naturally. Here are some tips to point you to the right direction.

Be Very Involved

The fastest way for a business to go down the drain is indifference; there are some business owners who mistakenly think that merely establishing the business is enough, and that the company will run on its own. Running a haulage company-especially involving aspects such as getting as many return loads as possible-requires deep involvement from the top down. As an owner, it behoves you to stay very involved in the company’s daily affairs, while looking out for future growth. One of the best ways to do this is by continually expanding your network of contacts and meeting new ones, by joining logistics organisations or attending conferences. Some organisations may require a membership fee, but don’t let that discourage you – they can be very valuable. You should aim to join as many reputable organisations as you can, as the overall benefit can be manifold: not only will you establish new contacts, but you also gain a deeper understanding of how the industry works.

Join a Freight Exchange Service

These days, the more internet-savvy tend to ‘inherit the land’, so to speak. There are a number of very helpful online organisations and services that make getting return loads as easy as clicking a mouse button. The UK’s leading and busiest freight exchange organisations help both customers and haulage workers do business in the most efficient, cost-effective way possible. They work by enabling members (customers) to post their needs online so other members (haulage companies) can negotiate with them. The genius in website lie in the fact they offer a central place for people with needs and people who can fulfil those needs to meet one another in a controlled, efficient and safe environment.

Get the right Certifications

The haulage industry depends a lot on people’s perception of the workers’ reliability and dependability. The more exceptional a haulage company is and the more they publicise such qualities, the more cargo and return loads they get. Standing out in a fairly competitive and crowded industry means the need to take extra steps to make a business known. For starters, you should aim for credentials specific to your industry, such as a Certified Purchasing Manager certification or one of those important professional licences. If you can, you should also obtain accreditation from quality and efficiency-oriented organisations. If you’re using advance management systems, for instance, make it a point to let your potential customers know about it by announcing it in your brochures or on your website.

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