How to Protect Your Prized Car Under Lemon Law

Have you noticed your car facing the same performance issue multiple number of times, and that too within the warranty period? Even after multiple attempts to repair the defect, roughly three times or more, if your car is still facing same the problem then your car qualifies to be a Lemon and is protected by the law.

Thus, in order to protect your most prized possession, i.e. your car, from any damage, the following six points should be kept in mind.

• During the initial months of purchase of the car, it is very difficult to identify a car as a lemon until the warranty period has expired, or the mileage has exceeded a said limit. Thus, it is very important to maintain a record which lists down all the events of repairs starting from the very beginning, as this will help you protect your consumer rights. Having repair logs can make the entire process of maintaining the number of repair attempts much more user-friendly.

• All the data should be put on paper, which includes the people you communicate with, the date and time details. Do be very particular about taking a printed invoice on collection of your car. Even if the dealer is unwilling to issue any invoice this situation must be noted down. The warranty repair order should be asked for from the dealer. The dealer might disagree to issue an invoice, especially in case of no charges taken for servicing. However, it depends on you to proof that the servicing was done.

• Describing the defect your car is facing is also an important concern. One must make sure that the dealer pens down your complaint in the Repair Order in the same way as you have described it to be.

• Ask for technical bulletins or manufacturer’s recalls for your car which explains your problem.

• Make it a point to note the date and time details, as well as the odometer reading on the day the car is given for repair. Also, note the date on which the car is collected from the dealership.

• If you get stranded on a deserted place with no assistance then take note of the time you had to wait for any further assistance and also the hassle faced due to this overall haul. This would give a lot of weightage to your case, in front of a jury.

Although, the Lemon Law is meant for the protection of car owners, one must go through the statues of the state for confirmation on the policies applicable for this law. Only then, should you go forward with your claim as it will give you a clear cut chance of protecting your vehicle.

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