How to Succeed As a Haulier – Three Important Tips

The job of a typical haulier is highly demanding – in fact, it could be described as hectic at times. But, there is method to this so-called madness, and if you really want to succeed in your chosen profession, you should take note of these three important tips.

Take Issues Seriously – Not Yourself

Often, in our daily battle to keep our operations running efficiently as a haulier, it’s easy to succumb to certain bad business habits that could eventually harm your business. One of these bad habits is losing focus or perspective: forgetting the simple fact that you are here to run a business, not to prance around thinking you’re a rock star. Our simple point is, if there’s anything that should be taken seriously, it should be issues related to the business, not your own image or self-promotion. Don’t make the mistake of placing yourself on a pedestal thinking your customers owe you something. Every single customer that walks in the door considers their particular issue as the most important thing in the world-remember the old chestnut, ‘the customer is king-and it behoves you to respond to that in a proactive manner. As well, it is good to remember that every problem encountered sheds light on a weakness your operation may have, and solving it also improves your own business one step at a time.

Feed Your Enthusiasm

Enthusiasm is a vital component of any haulier’s operation; and enthusiasm is contagious-if you don’t have it, it can be easily ‘detected’ by those around you, and that can be bad for business performance. Moreover, customers and business contacts will not want to do business with unenthusiastic people, and such a reputation could spread via word of mouth and further harm your operation. One simple key to maintaining your enthusiasm is to take enough time off-your down time or holidays should serve the important purpose of reinvigorating you. The same goes for other people in your organisation, so make sure all employees take whatever leave is owed to them.

Reward Yourself

If you do a good job as a haulier, you deserve a reward! And if no one else is rewarding you, then by all means give it to yourself-if you’re the one in charge of course! Wages or bonuses are a form of reward, but it is not always about money. For example, if you’re working far ahead of the deadline or have secured a lucrative haulage contract, why not take the rest of the day off and do something nice, just for you? The important thing is to give yourself and your employees credit for achievements-no matter how small. By recognising these achievements, you’ll contribute to the further improvement of the entire team’s performance.

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