Ideas for Saving Money for the School Team

School teams can cost schools a lot of money and sometimes there isn’t enough money in the school budget to cover them. Therefore, schools either have to think of ways to save money, or they have to raise more money themselves.

Depending on the sport, there are plenty of ways to raise money. Team members can get in on raising money as well and sometimes this is the way to raise a lot money for the team.

Team members

The team members of winning teams are often very popular amongst school pupils, so having them do something for the team is a way to raise money. You could get them involved with a school fair where there is a raffle for an autograph off one of the players.

Something a bit more popular would be to throw water at the school coach or star player. They way you make money with this is to charge pupils for the chance to throw water balloons at the coach or player.

Some schools have raised thousands of dollars doing this and they have raised enough money for travel expenses as well as a new school uniform.


Another good way to raise money for the school is to get the local community involved. You could ask for a sponsor, or you could ask for donations from local businesses.

If you don’t want to ask for donations, you could sell something to the community and raise money that way. You could sell products with the school mascot on, or you could get parents to bake cakes and then sell those.

You could also sell things at the games. These items should be to do with the school spirit though. A lot of well-known schools and colleges actually make money from selling items about the school, to the public. It is like their business on the side. You could make even more money by putting the best business student in charge of team store. They will have lots of ideas about marketing and how to generate more business.


When you raise money for a team, or get a grant, or get a sponsorship; you will have to show how you have spent the money. This is something you have to do so that people know that their money is being put to good use.

If you have had a large donation, you should show the person or company that you appreciate their business by giving them some tickets to a game. You can also put a sign up at the school, thanking them for their donation.

In terms of showing them where their money has gone, you should also use the money wisely by not spending it all on one thing.

There are websites that will provide everything that your team needs and they are so affordable that you will have money left over for something else.

These websites will take care of team uniforms, training uniforms, travel uniforms, cheerleading uniforms, team bags, letter printing and even letter jackets.

The reason that online stores are able to be more competitive is because they don’t have as much overhead as physical stores do. So, they don’t have to price their items as highly to pay their bills and then make a profit as well.

Therefore, if you are on a strict budget but you still want your team to have the best kit available, then you should seriously consider buying online and asking if there is a discount on larger orders.

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