Implementation And Execution

Let’s talk today a little bit about implementation and execution. Not executioner; execution, as in getting things done. One of the things people ask all the time is, “how do you get so much done and so many things implemented and executed, not only for yourself, but for your clients?”

When you do a lot of “done for you” services, it has a lot do to with focus.

Let’s talk a little bit about focus, and how you can implement and execute to get things done. Well, focus is really important because what you have to do is really lay out each one of your projects. For example, we have our own projects for our internal business and the running of it, and our projects for our clients that we work with. So we take each one of those projects and we break them down, and then we focus on each element of that project. What we actually do is use a lot of checklists, and we use blueprints, and then we mesh them together so it makes the most sense to get things done.

We also have a sense of urgency if we have something that needs to get done, we don’t monkey around with it, we just get it done, we check it off and move on. Having systems and checklists in place is really important because your business can almost run on autopilot. If you use those systems with your employees and checklists with your employees,, then you can do a lot more with less. When you have systems, when you have checklists, plans, blueprints, whatever you choose to call it, that is how you get things done. So one of the big keys is employees and automation, those are the ways you leverage yourself to get things done.

Everyone talks about staying focused; you hear a lot about multi-tasking as if this is some great thing that we all are supposed to be doing. We have our email up, we’re on Facebook, we’re petting the dog and on the phone, and we’re multi-tasking.

But if you work in a very, very focused manner, and base it on what your calendar says, you will be doing what you are supposed to be doing. You can use a timer to time yourself to stay focused and implement, and really narrow in on and hone in on what you are supposed to be doing. So, if you are supposed to be writing copy in the next 45 minutes, then you should be writing copy. That is what you do, don’t answer the phone, don’t talk to staff members, nothing should be interrupting your focus. So focus in, narrow your focus and start laser focusing in on the one thing that you need to get done, and how long you have to do it will help you implement and execute at a much faster speed.

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