Infertility Insurance Options

Over 7 million American women are affected by infertility in some way, and this figure appears to be rising. Many options are available to treat infertility, but often the costs involved prevents many people from benefiting from these treatments.

One possible solution is infertility insurance. It is usually relatively inexpensive, and is normally available from your current healthcare provider.

There are three main infertility insurance options available today which may help you and your partner on the path to conception. With standard health insurance, you pay a monthly premium, and your insurer will pay for certain infertility treatments, up to a maximum dollar amount. Refund programs involve you paying for all your fertility treatments up front, but if the treatments are not successful, then you receive between 705 and 100% of your money refunded from the insurer. Financing is the third option. Basically you take out a loan to cover the cost of treatment, but many programs do not require you to pay the loan in full unless you get pregnant.

Each policy is different, and different treatments will be covered, so it makes sense to look around before purchasing one. Always check that your cover includes all diagnostic tests, medications, and fertility treatments, including IVF (invitro fertilization) or other types of assisted reproductive technology.

Most insurers place limitations as to who can qualify for infertility insurance. Exact details will vary with insurers and specific plans, but most require that you must be under age 40, have been facing infertility for a certain period of time, and have been policy holders for at least 12 months. Also if you have already been diagnosed as infertile , it is most unlikely you will be offered cover.

While some investigation is necessary, and certain criteria have to be met, if you are struggling with infertility, then infertility insurance can be a great way to fund your treatment.

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