Insurance For What!? The Oddest Things Ever Covered

At some point in everyone’s life, insurance becomes a necessity. Whether coverage is required by law, like an auto policy, or by prudence, it is a virtual certainty that you will need to hedge against loss. The run of the mill policies (life, home, auto) are understandable. If you lose your home in a flood, you’re going to be glad you had coverage. But then there are others that make you scratch your head. The fact of the matter is, if you’re willing to pay the premiums, no matter how strange or even impossible the scenario, someone will cover it. Here are some examples of the odd, outlandish, and otherworldly things people have insured.

Alien Abduction

Yes, this exists. And it’s not just a one-off occurrence; there are companies in parts of the Southwest that make their revenue almost exclusively off of covering people in the event that they are taken into a spaceship by extraterrestrial beings. In most cases, it operates as a special form of life insurance. If someone is abducted by aliens and never seen again, the family they leave behind will be compensated, assuming they can prove the abduction happened. Other companies offer a more specialized version of this to cover survivors of space-napping for their psychological and medical costs. Again, it seems that it would be very difficult to prove the particulars and collect on one of these policies. No evidence exists that anyone has collected but (much like the truth) the policies are out there.


People have purchased coverage for all manner of valuable body parts over the years. Betty Grable, a popular film actress and pin-up girl in the 1940s, took out a policy on her legs for a cool million bucks. Jennifer Lopez is rumored to have her famous posterior covered for ten times that much, should disaster befall her. But the oddest body part is the infamous tongue of legendary Kiss frontman, Gene Simmons. After rumors had surfaced that he had surgery on it, Simmons got a policy to make sure that he was compensated in case some over-zealous fan bit it off. A tale that’s hard to swallow, but true.

Lottery Winners

This policy might even be less likely to pay out than alien abduction insurance. In the United Kingdom, an employer can purchase a policy to cover the incidentals arising out of two employees quitting because they won the lottery. It has to be at least two people, and they can’t be sharing a single ticket. The odds of a single employee winning the lotto are slim; the chance that two winning tickets will be bought by people working for any single company is virtually none. One wonders if the Camelot Group, the organization that runs the UK lottery, has purchased such an insurance policy. If two of their employees won, that would certainly raise some eyebrows!

Next time you’re speaking with your insurance salesman about covering your car, see what else they offer, just for fun!

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